Email Signatures for Exchange

ExSign is a smart email signature management solution that allows Microsoft Exchange administrators to stamp all outgoing email with professional looking signatures and disclaimers. With ExSign you can centrally add signatures and disclaimers to a console and let pre-defined server-side rules dynamically decide what signatures and disclaimers to stamp on all outgoing email.

Want to see how ExSign works?

The best way to see how ExSign works is to take it for a test drive. Download and install a trial version on your Exchange server and experience its working in real time.


Central management of signatures

Centrally manage email signatures

Logos, images and social media icons

Insert logos, images and social media icons in signatures

Multiple rules supported

Create multiple server-side rules

User profile pulled from AD

Stay accurate with user profile pulled directly from AD

Make copy of rules

Make a copy of any rule easily

Separate rules for signatures and disclaimers

Keep rules for signatures and disclaimers separate

Time based rule management

Stamp signatures based on specific timings or days

Stop rule processing after first rule

Apply the first rule to a mailbox and stop or apply all rules to a mailbox simultaneously

Detailed audit logs

Keep track of operations through detailed audit logs

See signatures in Sent Items

Let users see signatures in their 'Sent Items' folder


Three Different Formats

Want to populate signatures before emails are sent. Check the ExSign Outlook Edition.

Why ExSign?

There are plenty of good reasons to use ExSign for your email signatures. The most important ones are:

Central Management

Central Management

In large corporations where there are thousands of employees, it becomes difficult for an Exchange administrator to visit each employee's desk to setup new signatures. It not only increases the admins overhead but also results in tons of hours in wasted employee time. ExSign makes signature management easy with full control from one central location. You can define central rules for signatures and disclaimers and based on these rules let Exchange decide which signatures to add to which email.



Not all employees are same. Some may manage to add professional looking signatures and disclaimers to their outgoing email but others may not. They may stamp hideous signatures to their email. They may distort images and logos and may become inconsistent with fonts and color. In an organization with hundreds of employees and each with its own signature style, inconsistency is hard to curb. With pre-defined server-side rules ExSign helps in maintaining consistency across all sections of the employee chain. With ExSign you can ensure that everyone in your company uses the same signature and disclaimer.

All Devices Supported

All Devices Supported

There are many email clients out there. Senders may have different devices, different clients or even different smartphones. Client-side signatures may create problems as different clients may have different restrictions. As ExSign deploys server-side rules it lets you add professional signatures and legal disclaimers to all employee emails sent from any device including mobiles and tablets.

Try your hands on ExSign.