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HC 10 Product Datasheet

Hosting Controller 10 Product Datasheet

HC10 is the latest addition to the Hosting Controller product line and delivers the promise of true Hybrid services delivery. It extends a single pane of glass to the provider, unifying the delivery, commerce, metering and user management aspects of the Cloud.


Cloud Computing Opportunity

Cloud Computing Opportunity for Service Providers

This whitepaper discusses how Cloud Computing is a big opportunity for Service Providers, the sort of challenges it comes with and how these technological and operational challenges can be addressed using automation solution.


Cloud Provisioning APIs

Cloud Provisioning APIs with Self-care Portals

This whitepaper discusses how Service Provider and Orchestration software vendors who deal with Provisioning Services, can provision tens of commonly used products and servers with HC which can also be readily integrated with any Orchestration Software.


Offering Hosted Exchange

Consolidating Multi-Tenant Hosted Exchange with HC

This white paper discusses what it takes to offer hosted exchange and elaborates on the important role of an Automation Control Panel that serves as the missing link between the Microsoft Exchange Suite of Products and offering Hosted Exchange as a service


Microsoft SPLA Reporting

Microsoft SPLA Reporting for Exchange Best Practices

This white paper addresses how Service Providers using SPLA need to have a reporting mechanism in place. Automatic Provisioning Tools or Control Panels are the best place to provide this because they already have access to all provisioned applications and accounts.


Whitepaper HC Exchange Module

Getting Started with HC Exchange Module

Hosting Controller Exchange module is tightly integrated with Microsoft Exchange Server to ensure provisioning of all the required features for the service providers to deploy and manage Exchange Hosting over any type of infrastructure.


Whitepaper HC Sharepoint Module

Getting Started with HC SharePoint Module

Hosting SharePoint enables groups to setup a centralized and password protected space for document sharing. Having appropriate permissions users can have a go at storing, downloading and editing documents with profound ease.


Whitepaper AD Synchronization

Active Directory Architecture, Synchronization & Design

It mainly targets Enterprises, Service Providers and System Integrators responsible for the design, implementation, update and deployment of private/public Cloud platforms. This guide provides everything you need to know about the design of HC ADSync Tool.


Whitepaper HC Skype for business Module

HC Skype for Business Module Multi-tenant Deployment

The presence of the above components is sacred to the portfolio of any service provider. Enterprises offering hosted Skype or Cloud services for that matter, very well understand the importance of an integrated offering in a fast growing and highly competitive market.


Whitepaper HC Skype for business Module

HC Skype for Business Product Datasheet

HC Skype for Business simplifies the overall process of creating Skype for Business users, SIP domains and segregated tenants, allowing service providers a better chance to offer IM, conferencing, presence information and enterprise-class telephony to their customers.


Whitepaper HC SharePoint Module

HC SharePoint Product Datasheet

HC SharePoint automation allows end-to-end automation and management of Microsoft SharePoint Server enabling web based creation of SharePoint sites, subsites, users, groups and convenient segregation of SharePoint users into separate containers.


Whitepaper HCProfessional Services

Hosting Controller Professional Services

Hosting Controller offers professional services for enterprises and service providers who are engaged in deployments of Exchange and other Microsoft enterprise products either for in-house use or to be offered as hosted services.


Whitepaper Redundancy with HC

Achieving Redundancy with Hosting Controller

In the perilous world of hosting one of the most sought-after features is failover capability. Most hosting providers desire a redundant setup in order to keep their content highly available (H.A) and minimize the chances of downtime in case of a disaster


Whitepaper HC Office365

Selling Office 365 with Hosting Controller 10

Learn how Hosting Controller can help you tap into the Microsoft Cloud and sell Office 365 SKUs down the line. With HC10 you can service your Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business subscribers and amplify your success as a CSP.



HC VMware Module

The HC VMware module simply extends a more powerful web interface to the provisioning of virtual machines in VMware ESXi. It delivers the extra benefits of self-service, ESXi management, central repositories and pre-configured templates.



HC Hyper-V Module

HC Hyper-V module is an additional layer above the hypervisor, facilitating easy creation and management of virtual machines through a web based UI. It strengthens the overall functionality of Hyper-V by furnishing a web platform to VPS providers.



HC Database Module

HC Database Module provides hosting companies and other providers an excellent opportunity, not only to generate associated databases for websites but also to offer them as a service.