HC10 Online Demo

Welcome to Online Demo, the HC10 demonstration area where you can experience the
power of simplicity blended with intelligent remote administration. Why choose a control panel
without testing it first? With HC10 your satisfaction is guaranteed since you can try the product before
you purchase or rent.

HC10 works on an N-tier user model.

Hosting Controller Hostadmin

Hostadmin Demo (Cluster Configurations)

This is the super admin, the topmost level user. It is responsible for all control operations and cluster configurations.

Login: hostadmin
Password: hostadmin

Click to Demo Hostadmin Control Panel keyboard_double_arrow_right
Hosting Controller Webadmin

Webadmin Demo (Daily Operations)

This is the owner of a company or a department. It is responsible for all user plane operations performed daily across the organization.

Login: webadmin
Password: webadmin

Click to Demo Webadmin Control Panel keyboard_double_arrow_right