Active Directory Self-Service

Don’t let mundane tasks like password resets eat up your productive time. Allow AD users to update their own passwords, without your involvement.

Update AD Profiles

Update AD Profiles

Give AD users the liberty to update their own profiles without the involvement of IT administrators.

Reset Passwords

Reset Passwords

Avoid repetitive password resets by allowing users to change their own passwords.

Unlock Accounts

Unlock Accounts

Prevent users from getting locked out. Enable them to unlock their own domain accounts.

Admin Features:

  • Manage more than one Domain Controllers.
  • Allow users to self update their AD profiles.
  • Allow users to change their passwords (old password required).
  • Allow users to reset their passwords (old password not required).
  • Allow users to unlock their AD accounts.
  • Block users on failed login attempts.
  • Restrict the number of times users can reset passwords.
  • Restrict the number of times users can unlock accounts.
  • Set password policy for users.
  • Enable users to use Multi-factor Authentication for enrolment.
  • Allow system defined questions.
  • Allow AD defined security questions.
  • Allow authentication either through Google or Microsoft Authenticator.
  • Enable CAPTCHA on admin area & client area pages.
  • Restrict Admin Area access to specific IP addresses.
  • Generate various audit reports.

User Features:

  • Enroll with security questions.
  • Enroll with AD defined security questions.
  • Enroll through Google or Microsoft Authenticator.
  • Update AD profiles.
  • Upload profile picture.
  • Change passwords (old password required).
  • Reset passwords (old password not required).
  • Unlock AD accounts

Improved Security

Enforce security through granular security checks. Restrict user access to AD data through these stringent security measures. Fend off cyber attacks.

Block User Login

Block users who fail to verify their identity. Define the number of unsuccessful attempts and the time limit within which they lie, before user login is blocked.

Restrict Password Reset

Regulate password resets. Allow only a certain number of password resets a day. After the limit wait 24 hours before changing the password again.

Restrict Account Unlock

Control the number of times users can unlock their accounts in a day. After reaching the limit wait for the next day before changing the password again.

Password Policy

Implement a strong password policy through complex passwords. Ensure password complexity through special characters and variable password lengths. Leverage the following Domain Controller password policy settings.

Active Directory Password Policy

Minimum Password Length

Determine the minimum password length allowed in a password. Don’t let the password characters fall short of this length.

Alpha Characters

Define the number of alphabets to include in passwords. The password should consist of lowercase or uppercase letters.

Numeric Characters

Establish the number of numeric characters to include in passwords. The password must contain this number of digits.

Special Characters

Set the number of special characters that should accompany the password. It must contain this number of special characters.

Upper Alpha Characters

Define the number of uppercase alphabets required for the password. The password should fail if uppercase alphabets are less than this.

Two Level Access

Separate interfaces for users and admin.

Bolster your efficiency with AD Self Service Portal.