Mail Data Migrator

Hosting Controller Mail Data Migrator is web based application to migrate email across any messaging platform from any source to any destination whether its Exchange, Office 365, Windows or even Linux. It also offers support for Cross-Domain and Same-Domain Migration. Now you can migrate Mailbox Calendar, Mailbox Tasks and Mailbox Contacts (For Exchange & Office 365) easily. Migrating email manually across diverse messaging podiums can involve a myriad of tasks which are not only time intensive but also require specialized skills. No matter how big or small migration is, you need reliable and easy to use tool. HC Mail Data Migrator enables you to perform secure and hassle-free migrations.

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Mail Data Migrator

Don't have passwords for Mailboxes ?

Don't worry we have a unique way to handle this. Mail Data Migrator web application has the ability to generate auto emails with a web link sent directly to users so that they may insert their existing password to initiate the migration process.

Migrate via Exchange Web Services (EWS)

Migrate between On-premises Exchange or Microsoft 365 through EWS

Specify EWS as your connection method instead of IMAP. Migrate to or from On-premises Exchange or Microsoft 365 through Exchange Web Services (EWS) and enjoy a direct connection to Exchange via https. Also move your:

  • check_circle Calendars
  • check_circle Contacts
  • check_circle Tasks
  • with ease. EWS provides the best means of migrating your Exchange mailboxes between Exchange servers.


    Mailbox Data Migration from Anywhere to Anywhere

    Migrate from any version of on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016) or Office 365 and consolidating to any on-premises Exchange Server version & Office 365.

    Platform Independent (Windows & Linux)

    Migrate email from Windows Mail Server to Linux or Linux Mail Server to Windows.

    Migration from any On-premises Exchange version to Office 365 and Vice-Versa

    With this tool you can migrate from any on-premises Exchange to Office 365 or Office 365 to any on-premises Exchange.

    Migration from any Legacy Mail Server to On-Premises Exchange or Office 365 and Vice-Versa

    Even if you are currently on any obsolete mail server, you can still migrate mailboxes securely to Exchange or Office 365

    Support for Cross-Domain and Same-Domain Migration

    HC Mail Data Migrator simplifies the process of cross-domain and same-domain migration making it a cost effective and easy to use migration tool.

    Support for Mailbox Calendar, Mailbox Tasks and Mailbox Contacts (For Exchange & Office 365)

    HC MMT enables you to migrate Mailbox Calendar, Mailbox tasks and Mailbox contacts from source Exchange Server or Office 365 to destination Exchange Server and Office 365.

    Web based Migration Tool using IMAP Protocol, Access it Anytime from Anywhere

    HC Mail Data Migrator is a web based application. This means you can access the tool from anywhere and even provide access to other users

    Access Delegation for Domain Admins

    Administrator gets the ability to delegate the access to Domain Admins for migration tasks.

    Post Migration Sync. Zero Impact on Users & Emails

    HC Mail Data Migrator will migrate any new data from source to target server without making any duplicate entries into existing data. During the migration process email services remain available to end user hence zero impact on users and email data.

    Bulk Mailbox Migration

    With this tool you can perform bulk mailbox migration or migrate in multiple batches.

    Live Preview

    See live, the progress of any individual mailbox. Under this live preview see the actual number of emails and data transferred and view the overall progress of various folders.

    System Requirements

    Mail Data Migrator can be installed on any edition of Windows 7,8,10 and Server 2008 or above having IIS.

    This page lists minimum System Requirements for Mail Migration. For more details please consult our support team.

    • SQL Server 2012 or above
    • .NET Frameworks 4.8
    • Windows 7,8,10 and Server 2008 or above
    • IIS7 or above

    License Activation

    Online activation requires an internet connection on the system so it can communicate with our activation server for one time activation validation.

    Supported Mail Servers

    Microsoft Exchange

    Office 365

    Legacy Mail Servers

    • Amazon WorkMail
    • Beehive
    • Cyrus
    • IceWarp
    • IMail Server
    • Kerio
    • MailEnable
    • MDaemon
    • Mozilla Thunderbird
    • Pegasus Mail
    • PostFix
    • Qmail
    • SendMail
    • SmarterMail
    • Zimbra




    Splendid splashboard with comfortable access to various migration menus and controls.

    Admin Users

    Admin Users

    Two levels of access. Superior admins with full control and domain admins with limited control.

    Add new Mail Domain

    Add new Mail Domain

    Specify any mail domain, residing in any messaging platform, for smooth transfer of its mailboxes.

    Domain Configurations

    Domain Configurations

    Provide vital details for source and target mail servers such as IMAP addresses, ports etc.

    Add New Mailbox

    Add New Mailbox

    Include a single mailbox to the UI or identify numerous mailboxes for bulk transfer.



    Track the various stages of mailbox migration and perform deferent operations on each mailbox.

    Migrate Seamlessly Across

    Key Features

    messages plus email folders

    Migrate messages plus email folders

    third party to Exchange

    Migrate to and from any mail server

    zero downtime

    Fail-safe transfer with zero
    data loss

    Staged migration


    Web-based utility



    Support IMAP enabled mailboxes

    bulk mailboxes

    Upload mailboxes
    in bulk

    Interval based-sync

    Interval based