Synchronization of Identity Data

A common requirement for companies with an established on-premises Active Directory environment, is to have the existing on-premises users and groups linked in some way to a hosted or Cloud Active Directory. Likewise it's essential for large organizations providing Hosted Exchange and housing Active Directory infrastructures, to keep their internal and external Active Directories linked. HC Active Directory Synchronization tool is the smartest answer to all your sync needs.

There is no need to manage users in two places when it can be done in one. This can be achieved with HC Active Directory Synchronization tool. HC Active Directory Synchronization tool performs a one-way synchronization of identity data (users, groups) between an on-premise Active Directory Server and your hosted Exchange AD, providing a single point to create, modify or delete Exchange mailboxes, SharePoint users and service users.


Hosting Controller unifies the convenience of the below benefits in its Active Directory Synchronization Utility to bring the most effective tool on the market.

  • IAM (Identity and Access Management)
  • Active Directory Consolidation
  • Less Complex Alternative to Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Light Weight Solution
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Why HC ADSync?

There are plenty of good reasons to use HC ADSync for synchronizing your on-premises identities with those in the Cloud. The most important ones are:

AD Sync implementation


HC ADSync is far easier to implement than other more complex options. Installing and configuring HC ADSync simply involves a few one-time configuration steps. HC ADSync is a simple service which requires an installation over the primary (or additional) domain controllers. Once installed, AD objects can be selected to initiate the sync process between the ADs.

AD Sync complexity


HC ADSync does not require a two-way trust relationship to be established between domains neither does it demand the added complication of deploying an ADFS infrastructure. No additional servers, SSL certificates or DNS entries are required.

AD Sync cost


Costs can be cut into half or even more by deploying HC ADSync. There are no additional costs to consider above those of the licenses whereas other more expensive alternates like ADFS require additional server licensing, SSL certificates, hardware costs and/or virtual infrastructure resources and consultancy costs.


Core features and functionality of the HC Active Directory
Synchronization tool.

Synchronizes password changes
Synchronizes identities (Users, attributes) between Active Directories
Synchronizes groups or roles between Active Directories
Automatically associates objects (user, groups) between source and target directories and creates new identity and object automatically if its not already present.
Enables customers to choose convenient sync time intervals.