Email Signature Solution

ExSign Outlook Edition is an email signature management solution that lets you create and centrally manage your email signatures. Based on pre-defined rules, users can populate their Outlook email signatures and see their signatures before they’re sent. With the Outlook Edition users can easily save signatures in their local profile and decide which signature to use for every outgoing email.

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ExSign Outlook Edition in contrast to the transport agent edition lets you select and view signatures before the emails are sent. Save signatures in your local Outlook e-mail profile and depending upon the rule, select and view a professional signature for your email. Build professional signatures with all the latest versions including Exchange 2019, 2016 and 2013.

Overview ExSign Outlook Edition


Centrally manage email signatures.

Save signature in local Outlook e-mail profile.

See your email signatures before they’re sent.

Stay 100% accurate with user profiles pulled directly from Active Directory.

Insert logos, images and social media icons in signatures.

Install on Exchange server or any domain joined computer.

Keep track of operations through detailed audit logs.

Stop processing more rules after first rule.

Use an HTML editor with Active Directory fields.

Add signatures in HTML, RTF and Plain Text formats.


ExSign requires the following pre-reqs to be met:

1. ExSign Outlook Edition can be installed on an Exchange server or any domain joined computer.

2. Once installed, copy the following two files:


located at the path X:\Program Files\ExSign Outlook Edition\NETLOGON to this path X:\Windows\SYSVOL\sysvol\{domain controller}\SCRIPTS in Domain Controller.

3. Add the file ExSignClient.exe to the Profile tab of each Active Directory user that stamps signatures. The file should be added to the Login script field under the Profile tab.

How It Works

Client Side Outlook Edition

Stamp professional signatures and disclaimers to outgoing email. Check the ExSign transport agent counterpart.

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