HC SharePoint Module

HC Hosted SharePoint Services Module provides reliable provisioning and management of Windows SharePoint Services, SharePoint Foundation, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server & SharePoint Server with cutting edge features to deploy solutions tailored to hosting providers' business processes with easy-to-use collaborative tools. This module also reduces the complexity of SharePoint operations and management.

SharePoint Services allow teams to create websites for information sharing , document collaboration & benefits that increase individual's as well as team's productivity. It makes it easy for IT departments to implement a dependable, scalable collaboration infrastructure with minimal administrative time and effort.
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Management Features

  • Ability to Create/Delete SharePoint Sites
  • SSL enabled SharePoint site collection New
  • Ability to Add/Edit/Remove SharePoint Users
  • Support for Multiple Web Applications
  • Assign User Roles through Panel
  • Disk Usage Calculation for SharePoint Site
  • Bandwidth Usage Calculation for SharePoint Site
  • Ability to update allocated Storage Quota
  • Ability to Change Password for SharePoint Users
  • Comprehensive self-serve portal for all users
  • Option to dedicate a SharePoint server to specific Customers
  • Single Active Directory identity among SharePoint and other Enterprise applications
  • Support for multiple Domain Controllers for high availability (H.A) New

Provisioning Features

  • SharePoint Active Directory users Segregation
  • SSL enabled web applications New
  • Load Balancing between SharePoint Servers
  • Assign User Roles through Panel
  • Assign Group Roles through Panel
  • Supports sub sites creation for SharePoint
  • Ability to provision multiple sites for single user
  • Ability to allocate storage quota to SharePoint Sites
  • SharePoint Sites Listing
  • SharePoint Site Users Listing
  • Ability to use dozens of default SharePoint templates provided by Microsoft for automated provisioning of SharePoint Services.

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive Business

An added advantage of Hosting Controller for SharePoint is its ability to handle OneDrive for Business. SharePoint sites provisioned through Hosting Controller can readily utilize OneDrive for Business as their default document library, opening up SharePoint users to a central location within their company's own premises.

If you as a business are not comfortable with transmitting data to the Cloud and require it to be kept within your own premises, you just need to set up OneDrive for Business in a SharePoint Server on-premises environment and let your SharePoint users enjoy the facility of sync and storage, safely within your own premises.


  • New revenue stream for hosting service providers
  • Simplified provisioning of SharePoint for your new and existing Enterprise customers i.e. Exchange, Skype for Business etc
  • Provides single integrated platform to manage SharePoint, Exchange, Skype for Business etc

Supported Versions

Choose from a wide variety of supported versions.

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