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There's no getting around the need for a robust, all-in-one, role-based, automation solution for your Cloud platform. Hosting Controller is that solution of choice. Our vision is simply to facilitate Cloud based service providers to effectively manage their private, public and hybrid Clouds and aid them in gaining precise control of their compute capacity.

Full solution suite for hosted Enterprise Applications

In addition to being a Cloud automation solution, Hosting Controller offers a full solution suite for hosted Enterprise Applications creating a shared multi-tenant environment for automatic provisioning of Exchange 2016 and 2013, SharePoint, Skype for Business and Dynamics CRM.

It also offers a full automation solution for IaaS and Virtualization providers offering virtualized partitions on both Windows and Linux based servers through Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Hyper-V & VMware ESXi! All through its life cycle, Hosting Controller has been leading innovation and has set milestones and examples for the competition.

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Founded in 1999 by Syed Nauman Hashmi, Hosting Controller Inc. is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It prides itself on being a pioneer in the Windows Web Hosting Automation industry and in 1999 was the only commercially available product for the then nascent Windows hosting industry.

Development on the product commenced in 1997 and it was released as the world's first ever Windows based control panel in 1999. The launch was an instant success and swiftly following up on this achievement a second version with new features was released in 2002.

In 2003 HC6, a multilingual version with improved architecture was unveiled. The next four years went into a design overhaul, with an aim of bringing in Linux user base into fold. One of the other goals planned for the upcoming release was central management of load balanced clusters. HC7 was released to favorable market reviews in 2007.
By then Microsoft Enterprise Applications had become the MVPs of the Hosted Application arena. The very next year HC took lead in supporting MS Exchange 2007 and SharePoint services as part of its shared multi-tenant solution suite. HC was augmented with BlackBerry and MS Dynamics CRM modules the following year and was rolled out as HC8. Up till then emphasis had lied entirely on an all-encompassing cross-platform solution with Windows as the base. A need was now felt for an independent control panel catering only to the requirements of an abounding Linux hosting community. To this effect HCnix, a Linux only version of HC, was introduced in 2010.
With a paradigm shift to the Cloud, HC adopted a more holistic approach. Including support for virtual partitions on Hyper-V, VMWare, Xen Hypervisor and MS Lync 2010 to its portfolio, HC showcased its most recent and improved version HC9 in 2012. Since then it has undergone a tremendous engineering effort for attaining the status of a premier Cloud automation solution.
As the market transitioned from desktop to a mobile-first approach Hosting Controller realigned its strategy to match this stance. What began as a concept in realization of this greater objective, culminated in the form of a brand new version. Besides a responsive design some other key drivers behind the initiative were the ability to offer a unique mix of On-Premises and Cloud workloads and an N-tiered user hierarchy. HC attained a Microsoft Gold partner status early in 2015 and this provided a renewed impetus to the development work on HC10. In 2017 Hosting Controller finally unveiled HC10, its latest edition which carried a well-rounded services proposition for Microsoft CSPs, Cloud vendors and On-Premises IT shops.
2018 saw the addition of new features and enhancements to HC10. It also, by and large, saw the active development and release of some of the most elegant email migration solutions on the market. The list included Mail Data Migrator and Efflux Migrator. By Q2 of 2018, Efflux Migrator was ready for release. It offered a mail migration solution designed and developed for cross-forest Exchange migrations and Microsoft 365 onboardings. The next few years went into the development of sustainable Active Directory and Marketplace solutions. Catering to the demands of clients, Hosting Controller commenced work on some new concepts which were later realized into separate products. One such solution was AD Self-Service Portal. It offered self-service for some of the most common Active Directory tasks. AD Self-Service Portal hit the markets in 2021. Next came ExSign. It was the complete overhaul of the ExSign solution, an Exchange email signature, and disclaimer stamping solution.


During the past ten years, product growth has purely been driven by customers telling us what they want. Slowly but steadily development took pace releasing one version after another, adding new features, making it more stable and broadening existing service horizons for Cloud and Web Hosts. It was initially released with a very modest set of features, running on Windows NT. Over the last four years we have gone through many new releases, patches and bug fixes to ensure comprehensive automated services for end users and service providers.

Our Team

Under the leadership of its Founder & CEO Syed Nauman Hashmi, Hosting Controller team consists of intelligent problem solving analysts, creative designers, dedicated programmers and quality assurance staff. All departments are meeting their deadlines with state-of-the-art technologies and equipment. We also have energetic Support and Sales Teams for stronger customer relationship. Hosting Controller team values your feedback, by listening to you, we continue to deliver a customer-driven and cutting edge product. We remain attentive to your needs and look forward to continue a rewarding working relationship with you.