Deploying Exchange

1. Deploying Exchange


Deploying MS Exchange on AWS is fully automated by Amazon. Learn More

On Other Clouds

Deploying on other clouds needs to be done manually. Get Windows machines as needed and install and configure required MS applications as needed.

2. Deploying Control Panel

On AWS and Azure

Deploy the Hosting Controller Hybrid Multi-Cloud Control Panel on AWS and Microsoft Azure.

On Other Clouds

Download the installer from the Hosting Controller website. Apply it on separate Windows machines in the cloud. These machines will act as the control servers to the Hosting Controller cluster.

Deploying Control Panel
Email Data Migration

3. Email Data Migration (Optional)

From MS Exchange

Use the revolutionary Efflux Migrator to migrate your on-premises Exchange mailboxes to Exchange on AWS, Azure, and other clouds and vice versa. Experience smooth migration of not only individual mailboxes but also their passwords and data. Learn More

From Other Mail Servers

Migrate your mailboxes from any legacy mail server to on-premises Exchange or any cloud-based MS Exchange. Even migrate between different versions of Exchange via Exchange Web Services (EWS). Learn More

4. Hybrid Exchange Deployment (Optional)

Microsoft Exchange can be configured in a hybrid setting with Microsoft 365. Learn More

Hybrid Exchange Deployment

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