Cloud Marketplace

HC10 Marketplace is a customizable storefront, allowing your customers to automatically sign-up for various on-premises and Cloud services and provision accounts directly into Hosting Controller. It simplifies the overall signup and checkout process, providing customers the ability to pay through credit card. The visually appealing layout of its online store greatly enhances the shopping experience and enables customers to browse a range of products, go through their specifications, view their prices and easily buy online.

You can enable search and filtering, trials and promotions, showcase your catalog of on-premises as well as cloud products and services with automated provisioning or manual workflow through your own-branded marketplace.

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Simple Process

Login as Admin

Login as Admin

Add your Product

Add your Products

Set Pricing

Set Pricing

Define Terms

Define Terms

Display Products

Display Products


Reach out to your consumers through a ready-made selling channel.

Shopping Cart

Easy Checkout

Integrated Payment Processors

Admin Dashboard

Root Folder Installation

Virtual Directory Installation

Resource Provisioning

Mobile Responsive Design


White Labelled


Product Category and Filter

Multiple Category Selection

Discount Coupons

Free Signup Option

Terms of Service (TOS)



Billing Included

Rarely do shopping carts include billing features. The Hosting Controller Marketplace comes reinforced with a full spectrum
billing system. Integrated billing includes invoices, payments, orders, recurring charges, payment
gateways, pre-paid wallet and much more.

Billing Included


Invoice customers for their purchases. Send them paid, due and partially paid invoices. Auto generate recurring or issue manual invoices.


Select required products, add them to cart, specify provisioning details and easily check out, paying for the chosen subscriptions. Approve or reject orders.


Allow customers to store money in their pre-paid wallets for future transactions. Allow purchasing or prevent purchasing based on wallet limits.


Record online payments or manual payments. Add funds to your customers' wallets or allow them to fund their own wallets.


Create various service plans, include resources to plans, put a price tag on them and display them on an online E-commerce store.


Add tax rules. Specify tax rate. Include state and country where tax is applicable and subsequently apply taxes to invoices.

Showcase your Products

Expand your reach through an intuitive online store

Transform your shop into a cloud retail powerhouse.