Hosting Panel Add-ons

HC add-ons are external applications which are tightly integrated and supported with HC panel. License for these applications is not included with the standard version of HC and needs to be bought separately. All add-ons are specially designed for web hosts in general and shared hosting providers in particular. Our premium add-ons are "an Instant Recovery tool that provides rigorous backup & simplified restoration mechanism" and "Softaculous Auto Installer, a set of 410+ enterprise ready applications which are installable and configurable on per website basis".

Add value to your offerings

RBX Instant Recovery is a revolutionary tool, an add-on to Hosting Controller that provides rigorous backup and simplified restoration mechanism for Windows & Linux based hosting servers.

It takes backup of all Hosting Controller related data (web, accounts, e-mails, DNS, FTP, customer data etc) and can swiftly restore all services to last known good state with a simple click.

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Softaculous auto installer takes Hosting Controller's UX to an all new level. The integration allows quick launch of 410+ enterprise ready SaaS applications from within HC10, permitting it to transcend all limits of user expectations. These are a set of applications which are installable and configurable on a per website basis.

The tight coupling between HC10 and Softaculous also brings the golden opportunity of self-service to the end user.

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