Microsoft Exchange Inward Migration

Hosting Controller offers tools to do Inward Migration of Hosted Microsoft Exchange deployments.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange deployments are special for their requirements to implement multi-tenancy, which is not a common requirement for typical enterprise exchange deployments.

Migrating Raw Microsoft Exchange

Migrating Raw Microsoft Exchange

If there is an existing Microsoft Exchange deployment without any existing control panel, the existing accounts can be migrated into Hosting Controller using Hosting Controller’s built-in migration tools.

As accounts are migrated, the built-in wizards keep asking for the information required to set up multi-tenancy with all its attached requirements. There is typically no downtime involved.

Migrating from Other Hosted Exchange Control Panels

There are few other companies providing a multi-tenant control panel for offering Hosted Microsoft Exchange services.

Hosting Controller offers inward migration tools to facilitate existing data migration from other control panel. At the end of successful migration, it is safe to retire the other control panel.

Migration can be done from any other control panel. Below is the list of control panels declared End-of-Life by their respective vendors:


Ensim is owned by CloudBlue. It has been declared EOL.

Hosting Controller will be able to migrate any existing customers over to its product. Read Case Study


Odin is also owned by CloudBlue. It has also been declared EOL.

Hosting Controller has successfully migrated few customers with no downtime and no loss of functionality. Read Case Study

Migrating from other Hosted Exchange Control Panels

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