Download Installable Language Packs

Are you an enterprise with a global presence? Are you in dire need of cashing in on geographic diversity? Reach out to your global audience with Hosting Controller Multi-lingual provision.

Hosting Controller is shipped with a selection of default languages. Additional language packs are listed on this page as soon as they become available. The language packs constitute a smaller download, which are manually retrieved from the Internet and then installed on your local Hosting Controller application.

HC10 Download

Once installed, you can switch between the current interface language and the installed one from Control Panel Account | Display Settings. Alternatively, you may switch language from the languages drop-down on the login screen.

HC10 Language Pack
Language Build Number Download
BulgarianBulgarian 10.20 Download (171KB)
ChineseChinese (Traditional) 10.20 Download (167KB)
ChineseChinese (Simplified) 10.20 Download (168KB)
CzechCzech 10.20 Download (165KB)
DutchDutch 10.20 Download (168KB)
DutchDanish 10.20 Download (167KB)
FrenchFrench 10.20 Download (174KB)
GermanGerman 10.20 Download (192KB)
HungarianHungarian 10.20 Download (169KB)
ItalianItalian 10.20 Download (186KB)
PolishPolish 10.20 Download (167KB)
PortuguesePortuguese (Brazil) 10.20 Download (169KB)
RussianRussian 10.20 Download (213KB)
SlovakSlovak 10.20 Download (195KB)
SpanishSpanish 10.20 Download (185KB)
SwedishSwedish 10.20 Download (169KB)
ThaiThai 10.20 Download (170KB)
TurkishTurkish 10.20 Download (176KB)
HC9 Language Pack
Language Build Number Download
BulgarianBulgarian 9.23 Download (283KB)
ChineseChinese (Traditional) 9.23 Download (264KB)
ChineseChinese (Simplified) 9.23 Download (264KB)
CzechCzech 9.23 Download (258KB)
DutchDutch 9.23 Download (276KB)
FrenchFrench 9.23 Download (290KB)
GermanGerman 9.23 Download (289KB)
HungarianHungarian 9.23 Download (280KB)
ItalianItalian 9.23 Download (282KB)
PolishPolish 9.23 Download (267KB)
PortuguesePortuguese (Brazil) 9.23 Download (280KB)
RussianRussian 9.23 Download (332KB)
SlovakSlovak 9.23 Download (282KB)
SpanishSpanish 9.23 Download (284KB)
SwedishSwedish 9.23 Download (275KB)
ThaiThai 9.23 Download (276KB)
TurkishTurkish 9.23 Download (276KB)