HC Training

Lack of enough training is a major reason for the failure of service providers and hosts in the service provisioning industry. A recent survey also revealed that the majority of the hosting companies have not automated all of their process and are still depending on manual methods for provisioning, invoicing, billing, ticketing, domain registration etc. bringing their operations costs much higher than their competitors. Hosting Controller has therefore decided to offer online training programs for Cloud and hosting service providers.



Hosting Controller training program is designed to help our customers successfully use our products and services to meet their management goals. By targeting both newer and more experienced users, Hosting Controller ensures that our customers not only know how to use our tool effectively, but are prepared to address the challenges of managing and growing their business environments. The training will tell the hosts how they can use Hosting Controller for "Complete Hosting Automation". Our experienced technical support engineers can conduct an online training session and will explain complete working model of Hosting Controller in 1-2 hours session.

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