rebuildXpress Overview - How it Works

rebuildXpress Instant Recovery is a revolutionary tool, an add-on to Hosting Controller that provides rigorous backup and simplified restoration mechanism for Windows & Linux based hosting servers. It takes backup of all Hosting
Controller related data (web, accounts, e-mails, DNS, FTP, customer data etc) and can swiftly restore all
services to last known good state with a simple click.

Hosting Controller rebuildXpress

rebuildXpress maintains a list of tasks to control which files, folders, and critical data to back up and when to back up. It has a built-in FTP client that takes incremental backups which means 1st time all data is backed up and subsequently only the changed files backup is taken. Backup copies can be stored on local or rebuildXpress can be set to transport backup on a remote server through FTP or UNC path.

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Ward off the threat of data loss with rebuildXpress

You can use rebuildXpress either manually or automatically. If you want to back up files manually, simply right click on
Backup Configuration tray icon and click on "Start Backup".

How it Works

Working of rebuildXpress is quite simple. The backup component takes regular backup of your system. When disaster recovery or server migration is required, rebuildXpress.exe is run and provided the path of backed up data. It then creates replica of server to the point where last known good backup was taken.

Manual or Automated Backup

If you want automated backups, then you should make sure that "Hosting Controller Backup" service is running. Once service starts running, rebuildXpress then monitors the source files and keeps the backup store updated with the source files. It runs in the background with no user interaction. Once the service is enabled, you always have a backup copy of your data.