rebuildXpress Features

If you think, you may ever need either System migration, System recovery or mail server migration then rebuildXpress is the right product for you. It's affordable and easy to use, a revolutionary tool that takes backup of business critical data (accounts, mail domains, DNS, webspace data etc.) and restores all services in case of outage with a simple click.

Provides a rigorous backup and simplified restoration mechanism for both Windows and Linux*.

Takes backup of all HC related system critical data.

Takes incremental backups with the help of a built-in FTP client.

Backup copies can be stored on local or you can tell rebuildXpress to transport backup on a remote server through FTP or UNC path.

Ensures automated backup with no user interaction.

Option to use manually or automatically.

Quickly restores all services and customer data to the last known good state.

Ability to take backup/restore customer data even if the database is on remote box.

rebuildXpress helps in server migration and mail server migration.

Web servers* backup/restore of permissions, vds, pools

Mail severs* backup/restore including mail domains, settings, mailboxes and mailing lists.

Restoration of email user accounts with their original passwords.

Takes backup on user defined set intervals.

Advanced options to schedule backup on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Server Backup and Restore

Server migrations have never been easier.