Modules of HC Multi-Cloud Control Panel

Multi-Cloud module sets the foundations of automation for any organization to onboard multiple public clouds. See all the modules that transform Hosting Controller into a Multi-Cloud Control Panel.

Source Active Directory to Cloud IAM Synchronization Tool

AD Connect Sync: Active Directory to Cloud IAM Synchronization Tool

Over 90% of organization still use an on-premises instance of Active Directory to maintain the master data of their organizations’ identities and password. It also uses the same active directory to maintain all their users Roles / Groups and their membership to maintain access to different applications.

As of 2022, organizations are using an average of 2.5 public clouds each. As an organization onboards a new public cloud, it can choose to setup its IAM in a siloed way or keep an approach in unification with its on-premises AD.

Hosting Controller’s AD to IAM Synchronization tool enables an organization to setup automatic synchronization between on-premises AD and one or more public IAM systems including Amazon AWS, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, any other cloud hosted Active Directory and many more. Read More

Multi-Cloud Distributed Web Apps Control Panel

This module enables an organization to deploy web applications distributed onto multiple private and public clouds and enable self-serve and rest of control through a single control panel. Individual applications supported include:

  • Web servers on Windows and Linux
  • Databases on Windows and Linux
  • Third party Web Applications
  • Others
  • Read More
Web Apps Control Panel

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