Cloud Provisioning APIs

Webinar held on January 17, 2012

"Cloud Provisioning APIs with self-care portals for Orchestration Software"

Presenter: Syed Hashmi - Founder & CEO Hosting Controller

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Orchestration Software are increasingly being used to provision and broker the servers and software that deliver the Services. Orchestration software are designed to execute the Work Flows as required to fulfill the orders but the provisioning or the actual work behind the work flows are done by calling APIs exposed by individual software and hardware servers.

Depending on the business model of the Service Provider, the works flows many involve:
  • Provisioning of just Infrastructure
  • Provisioning of Platforms for Service Delivery
  • Provisioning of actual Software to be offered as a Service

With many products in the Infrastructure space, tens of common platforms and hundreds of individual common software that need to be provisioned by the Orchestration software, it is a lot of 'work' to be done. In addition to provisioning, providing multi-tenant self-serve portals that end customers can use to self-serve themselves is an integral part of any Cloud based offering.

This webinar targets the Service Provider and Orchestration software vendors who deal with Provisioning Services and introduces to them the Hosting Controller product that already provisions tens of commonly used products and servers and can be readily integrated with any Orchestration Software.

Introducing Hosting Controller
Hosting Controller is an automatic provisioning tool used by some 3,000 Cloud based hosting providers. HC automatically provisions some 100 different types of software servers used by such providers. In addition to provisioning, HC also offers self-serve portal from where their customers can self-serve on major use cases available on those servers.

The list of supported software is long and can be seen on HC Website at:
  • Windows supported Software here
  • Linux Supported Software here
  • Microsoft Exchange and related Enterprise products here
  • Virtualization Products for both Windows and Linux here

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