Microsoft CSP

Are you ready to sell as a CSP?

Sell as a 1-Tier or 2-Tier Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner with the most trusted platform.


Start selling Office 365 with Hosting Controller and be part of the multi-million dollar Cloud opportunity. Put your CSP subscription on a fast track and sell relevant bundles of Office 365 with Hosting Controller's automated marketplace.


No need to ask Microsoft for support. Be front line support yourself. Utilize Hosting Controller's advanced trouble ticket system to provide direct enterprise class support to your clients and be their first point of contact.


Bill the customer yourself, own the customer relationship, exert greater control on customer billing. Bill the customer monthly, quarterly, annually or any way you want with Hosting Controller. The choice is simply yours.

Service Bundles

Value Bundles - Package Your Own Products

Differentiate by adding real value to your portfolio. Create value bundles by packaging other existing Cloud and On-premises products of choice with your Office 365 offers.Letting you include complimentary products to your core Office 365 offers not only enhances your chance to maximize ROI but also provides an opportunity to retain client business. Moreover upsell in a vertical or cross sell across horizontals in a bid to maximize profits.

One Bill

Microsoft's CSP program is all about sending one consolidated bill to the customers, owning their end-to-end lifecycles and providing a chance to strengthen your relationship with them. Hosting Controller transforms this desire into reality. With Hosting Controller's advanced billing engine accomplish a single bill, sent directly to the customer, for all his products combined.

  • Invoicing
  • Recurring payments
  • Multi-currency support
Single Bill

Greater Profitability

Greater Profitability

Bolster your ROI and increase customer stickiness with the HC CSP Platform. Being able to provision directly into the Microsoft Cloud as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner means new business opportunities and realization of new competitive advantages as a Cloud vendor. It also means greater profitability and a much reduced churn. Sell as a CSP through the ready-to-use HC CSP Platform and be the first to enjoy the profits of this ever growing vertical.

Accelerate Go-to Market Time

Cut your time-to market in half with Hosting Controller CSP Platform.

Your BIG chance to be part of the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program and get to your customers faster. Just fill in your Microsoft Partner Center details into Hosting Controller's pre-integrated interface and start selling Office 365, Exchange Online and Azure without the hassle of coding Microsoft APIs.

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