Efflux Migrator vs Mail Data Migrator

Efflux Migrator

Mail Data Migrator


Specially designed to handle cross-forest Exchange migrations

Efflux specializes in Cross-forest Exchange moves and is suitable for moving On-premises Exchange mailboxes from any existing forest to a new AD forest.

Migration to and from any messaging platform

Mailbox Migration delivers a platform independent (Windows & Linux) utility designed to migrate mailboxes across any On-premises or Cloud messaging platform including Office 365.


Migrations specific to On-premises Exchange

On-premises Exchange focused migrations. Specially facilitating moves from legacy versions to new ones.

Migrations across both On-premises and Cloud platforms

Not limited to On-premises platforms. It caters to diverse messaging podiums including Cloud based systems.


IMAP Independent

No dependence on IMAP protocol.

IMAP enabled mailboxes

Migration of mailboxes, virtually from any mail server to another provided that both environments support the IMAP email protocol.


Light weight desktop utility

Light weight and easy to install desktop utility for Exchange-to-Exchange migrations. Efflux is installed on the target forest.

Web-based utility

Offers a user friendly web based GUI for clear visibility and easy access to various migration menus and controls.