HC Dynamics CRM Module

HC Dynamics CRM module is the most affordable & scalable provisioning solution available in the market. HC offers service providers the opportunity to easily manage & maintain Dynamics CRM hosting operations and enables them to offer it as part of their hosted services.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is multilingual Customer Relationship Management software that focuses mainly on Sales, Marketing and Services. The multi-tenancy option in Dynamics CRM allows ISVs to offer hosted solutions to end customers.

Through Hosting Controller provisioning end users can facilitate Dynamics CRM workflow automation and business analytics to let their sales, marketing and service staff easily share information and route tasks to provide a seamless customer experience.

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Dynamics CRM supports duplicate data detection and provides true multi-tenancy, which allows the creation of multiple organizations on a single server.

  • Powerful data import tools
  • Enhanced entity relationships - many to many, self-referential
  • Improved programmability - enhanced Web Services
  • Multi Tenancy - One server can host more than one business organization
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multilingual


  • Ability to Create/Delete CRM Sites
  • Ability to Enable/Disable CRM Site
  • Ability to Add/Remove New Users to CRM Site
  • Ability to Add/Remove Existing Users(AD) to CRM Site
  • Ability to List/Update Dynamics CRM User Settings
  • Ability to Add/Remove Dynamics CRM Business Units
  • Ability to Update Dynamics CRM User Roles
  • Automated Entry of Dynamics CRM Site IFD (Internet Facing Deployment) URL in DNS
  • Listing of Dynamics CRM 2011 Resources in HC Plan Manager

Management at User Level

Hosting Service Providers can provision CRM services, sites, users, set resources in HC plan manager, add service plans, and manage CRM organizations.
HC Resellers buy HC CRM modules plans from Host and resell customized plans to web admins according to their specific requirements.
HC Web Admins can create organizations within resources allocated by its reseller and manage CRM users, sites, roles and settings.

Supported Versions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

HC Enterprise Suite

HC Dynamics CRM FAQ

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