SaaS Hosting

Hosting Controller offers provisioning of tons of SaaS applications each in a broad category of applications.

SaaS Hosting

The extensible framework allows Hosting Controller to quickly integrate any other product not supported out of the box. This allows Hosting Controllers to act as an excellent, exhaustive tool for SaaS hosting. If the software you are offering as a service is supported out of the box, Hosting Controller allows fully automatic SaaS hosting.

If the software being offered as a Service is not supported out of the box, Hosting Controller allows easy and quick provisioning through multiple supported ways. This allows any SaaS Provider to use Hosting Controller to manage the full life cycle of his hosted service through Hosting Controller.

SaaS Supported Application

Handling SaaS Workloads

SaaS delivery model is a popular member of the Cloud computing pantheon and no one understands this better than Hosting Controller. As more and more providers adopt the SaaS delivery model, they seem keener on finding the right fit for something that would let them quickly launch a wide range of in-demand, true SaaS applications. A SaaS application in its true sense is an application which a user can subscribe to for a subscription fee and access via a web browser, without the need for installing, managing, or maintaining any software or hardware. Purchase and maintenance should just not be the user's headache. They should only need an internet connection.

Companies poised for a SaaS initiative, often are on the lookout for something which allows:

Hosting Controller SaaS Orchestrator

Use of ready-to-use applications

All latest applications with no outdated versions

Frequent vendor managed upgrades

Pay-as-you-go subscription model

Economies of scale


Exhaustive reporting for subscriptions

100% uptime. Round the clock application availability

Self-service dashboard

Rapid adoption period normally spanning hours or days, not months.

SaaS for your front and back office

Hosting Controller combines the convenience of all the above in its two most useful modules, the One Click Install Application Pack and the Enterprise Suite.

One Click Install Application Pack

One Click Install Applications are a set of applications which are installable and configurable on a per website basis. They form an out of the box repository of SaaS applications which can either run on the root of a website or against a virtual directory. This pack allows the SaaS provider to offer ready-to-use applications to his users without them needing any expensive hardware or costly software licenses. This also brings the golden opportunity of self-service to the end user. The One Click Install Application Pack consists of 20+ business applications
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HC Enterprise Suite

The other Multi-tenant SaaS availability inherent in Hosting Controller is the HC Enterprise Suite. It lets SaaS providers provision various Microsoft Enterprise Applications (Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business etc.) to users. Conforming to SaaS standards the end user does not need to incur large up-front investment on expensive hardware or software and can subscribe to an array of Microsoft Enterprise Applications on a pay-as-you-go model. The user can also avoid a plethora of upgrade and maintenance tasks.

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