All Enterprises that maintain their own IT departments and infrastructure eventually need an automation control panel and web based self-serve portal for all their applications. Hosting Controller although geared towards Cloud service providers, can still be used by Enterprises to manage their infrastructure and provision and maintain applications automatically.

Enterprise Specific Solution

Fully automated operations

Substantially reduce man-power used for running day to day operations.

Reduce shadow-IT

Everything is done through GUI or APIs through professionally written and maintained scripts.

Improve compliance to security and other policies

APIs conform to security best practices.

Maintain an audit trail of activity

All actions performed are logged and documented.

Comply to deployment best practices

All applications are deployed and monitored through vendor's best practices e.g. MS Exchange and others.

Assign quotas to working groups

Best balance between allow unchecked on-demand provisioning to everyone and / or requiring approvals for all small items.

Easy integration with other applications and workflows through granular APIs

APIs are provided for each supported application for every individual task.

Delegate self-serve

Let users login to different self-serve portals to perform their respective tasks themselves all through user friendly graphical menus.

Easy on-boarding

Import tools to get existing resources into the control panel.

Reporting and analytics

Extensive reports and insights from both database items and system configurations.

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