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What is a Cloud Control Panel

A 'Control Panel' is the face of any cloud service provider. This is what enables the applications running in the cloud to be offered 'as a Service'; whether Infrastructure as a Service or Software as a Service.

Amazon AWS™, Microsoft Azure™, Office 365™, Google Cloud™ Platform and other public cloud providers, all offer their control panels which provide the interfaces used by end-customers on one side and integrate with all their backend systems and applications on the other side. All applications have 'Control Actions' which are carried out through the Control Panel.

Public Cloud Vs Private Cloud

Enterprise IT departments; with and without a 'Control Panel'

When there is no control panel, there is no unified interface for end-users to carry on their control operations on all applications. They are required to communicate their requirements to IT out-of-band through some means and the IT conducts them. The access to systems is also given to IT staff who are trained in all the common operations on the applications.

With a control panel in place, all normal users are provided with GUI based menus to conduct their control operations on the applications. The IT personnel also get more efficient as the Control Panel provides APIs for all control tasks and they can spend their time in automation using those APIs.

With and Without a Control Panel

Use Cases

Hosting Controller enables IT departments to offer 'Everything as a Service'. This includes offering virtual machines and enterprise software applications; for your Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings.

Digital Transformation

Putting in a Hybrid Cloud Control Panel is the first step towards an organization's journey to 'cloud-first digital transformation'. It controls all the IT infrastructure and applications in a way cloud computing requires; whether on-premises or in public clouds.

IT as a Service Provider

IT Departments within an organization are traditionally seen as cost centers; as a necessary cost of doing business. The IT department manages the basic compute infrastructure and other software applications which are all critical to running the business on behalf of all other interdepartmental consumers.

A Single Pane for Control

When it comes to IT and its operations, 'Control Operations' is an umbrella term for multiple types of operations but which are separate from the 'User Operations'. Typically called the Control Plane and User Plane operations, Control Plane operations are what is 'other than usual User operations'.

Bring the Cloud to the Data

Public clouds like Amazon AWS™, Microsoft Azure™ and Office 365™, Google Cloud™ Platform and others provide a lucrative offer to simplify computing needs. All the applications are already configured. Administration and self-care dashboards are available. Redundant hardware and networks are all there.

From Ops to DevOps

Availability of APIs enable the IT personnel to automate their tasks where possible. Their primary role shifts from running day to day operations to automating them through development. All APIs are based on REST protocol which is the easiest protocol and most widely supported.

Reduce shadow-IT

Everything is done through GUI or APIs through professionally written and maintained scripts.


Fully automated operations

Substantially reduce man-power used for running day to day operations.

Improve compliance to security and other policies

APIs conform to security best practices.

Maintain an audit trail of activity

All actions performed are logged and documented.

Comply to deployment best practices

All applications are deployed and monitored through vendor's best practices e.g. MS Exchange and others.

Assign quotas to working groups

Best balance between allow unchecked on-demand provisioning to everyone and / or requiring approvals for all small items.

Easy integration with other applications and workflows through granular APIs

APIs are provided for each supported application for every individual task.

Delegate self-serve

Let users login to different self-serve portals to perform their respective tasks themselves all through user friendly graphical menus.

Easy on-boarding

Import tools to get existing resources into the control panel.

Reporting and analytics

Extensive reports and insights from both database items and system configurations.

Why Hosting Controller?

We're a highly specialized team of software engineers who have been working together and in business for over 20 years and have specialty products which have evolved without changing because new segments, industries, enterprises and public sector problems are now being solved with our products. Our namesake and flagship product, Hosting Controller, is now a friend to the C-Suite, your IT Director, and every Enterprise Help Desk Manager.

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