If your organization has on-premise workloads running in your own data centers

  • check_circle A 'Control Panel' will transform them into a Private Cloud. Read More

  • check_circle A 'Hybrid Cloud Control Panel' will enable your workloads to co-exist with different supported public clouds. Read More

  • check_circle A 'Multi-Cloud Control Panel' will enable you to deploy your workloads across your own private cloud(s) and multiple supported public clouds letting you optimize on the best cloud strategy without any lock-ins.

  • Hosting Controller offers all three types of cloud control panels. It is backed by hundreds of customers and years of service.

    Control Panel Features



  • check_circle Provides self-serve control for all users through dashboards.
  • Provides APIs for all supported applications


  • check_circle Provides APIs for all supported applications control actions. Read More
  • Audit Trail

    Audit Trail

  • check_circle Provides an audit-trail of all control activity.
  • Cost Control

    Cost Control

  • check_circle Provides cost control measures through quota management. Read More

  • With & Without Control Panel

    Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Control Panel Features

    Hosting Controller transforms your data center into a private cloud, letting your data stay where it is.

    Hybrid Cloud Control Panel Features

    Split workloads between private and public clouds.

    Providing all the essential ingredients of a cloud platform.

    Read More
    Multi-Cloud Controller

    Multi-Cloud Control Panel Features

    IAM Synchronization between your private cloud and other public cloud(s).

    Automated and seemless provisioning among multiple clouds.

    Read More

    True Hybrid Multi-Cloud Automation

    Whether in your own data centers, on-premise or in public clouds, Hosting Controller's "Hybrid Multi-Cloud Control Panel"
    offers all applications 'As a Service'. Whether it is virtualized infrastructure or they are higher level software applications.

    Product Detail

    Front line products, accelerating your journey to the Cloud.

    Hosting Controller MS Enterprise Module

    MS Enterprise Module

    Transforms on-premise Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business and other apps into a private cloud. Read More

    Hosting Controller Hybrid MS Exchange Module

    Hybrid MS Exchange Module

    Enables an organization’s on-premise Exchange to coexist with Microsoft 365 public cloud. Read More

    Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Module

    RDS Module

    Virtualize your applications and desktops. Deploy all applications efficiently. Read More

    Hosting Controller Virtualization Module

    Virtualization Module

    Transforms on-premise Hyper-V and VMWare virtual machines into a private cloud IaaS. Read More

    Hosting Controller Web Applications Module

    Web Applications Module

    Transforms on-premise Web sites, databases and other related applications into a private cloud SaaS. Read More

    Hosting Controller Active Directory Module

    Active Directory Module

    Manage on-premise Active Directory as a private cloud directory service. Also includes synchronization with cloud hosted IAM systems. Read More

    Key Benefits

    Private Cloud

    Private Cloud

  • check_circle Transforms your on-premise applications running in your own data centers into your ‘private cloud’ by:
    • 1. Transforming your on-premise virtual machines into a private IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).
    • 2. Transforming your on-premise Microsoft Exchange and related Microsoft Applications into a Private SaaS.
    • 3. Transforming your web applications into a private SaaS.
  • IAM Synchronization

    IAM Synchronization

  • check_circle Provides IAM Synchronization between your private cloud identity management and different public clouds.
  • Hybrid Workloads

    Hybrid Workloads

  • check_circle Supports Hybrid workloads split running on-premise and in public cloud allowing you to choose the best deployment strategy across private and public clouds.
  • Hosting Controller Marketplace


    Optional for Service Providers:

  • check_circle Market place application provides complete billing and order management to make any supported application into a commercial public SaaS offering. Read More
  • N-tier User Architecture

    Furnish exclusive interfaces for both enterprises and service providers. Fully capable of handling organizational structures of large enterprises as well as small to medium service provider entities.


    Cater to the complex organizational structure of a large enterprise. Clearly define the functions performed by each member in the organizational hierarchy. Delegate authorities according to the organizational chain of command.

    Service Providers

    Sell downstream to your customer base via value added sales channels, with inherent Customer and horizontal Staff Member tiers. Exclusive interfaces for all channel partners and staff tiers, down to the nth level.


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