rebuildXpress Instant Recovery is a revolutionary tool, an add-on to Hosting Controller that provides rigorous backup and simplified restoration mechanism for Windows & Linux based hosting servers.

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Purchase/Rent Option

Product Name Actual Price
rebuildXpress (Windows/Linux)
Purchase Price US$49/Server
rebuildXpress (Windows/Linux)
Rent Price/Month US$4.95/Server

Upgrade Options

Upgrade Options
HC6 & HC7 license holders with RBX are entitled to upgrade HC9 RBX at the price of $25/license.
To upgrade, contact HC Sales with your HC6 or HC7 and upgraded HC9 license key(s).
  • If you are an existing customer login to License Management System to place new orders, buy upgrades and manage your existing licenses.
  • If you are a new customer contact HC Sales to get a quotation and have account setup in License Management System.
  • Rental option for these add-ons is available to only those customers who are using rental HC keys. Customers with purchased HC keys can not choose rental option.