HC9 - Shared Hosting Module

HC9 is a complete web hosting automation control panel which is designed for web hosts to experience infinite hosting possibilities in cluster environment. It enables web hosting companies to manage all their servers both Windows & Linux through centralized interface.

Purchase Option

Product Name Actual Price
Hosting Controller (Windows)
HC9 Windows (Unlimited Domains) US$249/Server
HC9 Windows (100 Domains) US$149/Server
HC9 Windows (Secondary Non-Web) US$49/Server
Hosting Controller (Linux)
HC9 Linux (Unlimited Domains) US$249/Server
HC9 Linux (100 Domains) US$149/Server
HC9 Linux (Secondary Non-Web) US$49/Server

Rental Option

Product Name Actual Price
Hosting Controller Rental (Windows)
HC9 Windows Rental (Unlimited Domains) US$24.95/Server/Month
HC9 Windows Rental (100 Domains) US$14.95/Server/Month
HC9 Windows Rental (Secondary Non-Web) US$4.95/Server/Month
Hosting Controller Rental (Linux)
HC9 Linux Rental (Unlimited Domains) US$24.95/Server/Month
HC9 Linux Rental (100 Domains) US$14.95/Server/Month
HC9 Linux Rental (Secondary Non-Web) US$4.95/Server/Month
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