HCnix - Linux Shared Hosting Panel

Comprehensive Hosting Control Panel for Linux Servers

HCnix Product Box

Controlling and managing a multitude of different GNU/Linux distributions across a variety of servers is now much simpler than before. With its intuitive design and easy to use GUI, the all new HCnix is an independent control panel, allowing Linux web hosts to manage multiple Web, Mail, Database and DNS servers in a cluster through a central yet powerful control.

A load of third party applications including blogs, content management systems, ecommerce solutions, forums, website builders, photo galleries and web data managers, installable and configurable on a per website basis, makes it a stress-free web and Cloud automation solution.

So put your mind to ease and start creating websites, mail domains, email users, ftp accounts, DNS, backups, website statistics, databases, scripting permissions and much more with HCnix.

Centralized Cluster Management

Manage any of your servers with just one interface. HCnix is designed and built as a software system that manages multiple Web, Mail, Database and DNS servers on different GNU/Linux flavors within a clustered environment.

Scalability & Extensibility

HCnix provides the flexibility to scale up to any number of servers. Service providers may also automate common functions of HCnix using its API to extend the functionality.

Intuitive Design

An elegant web interface ensures smooth and easy management of all servers, accounts, hosting plans and settings with a prime focus on an easy to use central GUI.

Easy Backup and Restore

The entire control panel settings can now be backed up and restored within minutes with the inbuilt Backup and Restore utility.

Centralized Database

HCnix uses a single centralized database, with reduced redundancy, improved security measures and easy management. HCnix supports MySQL database server.

Automated Account Provisioning

End users can create and manage their accounts, websites, DNS, mails, databases and FTP accounts through the control panel.

Load Balancing

HCnix has a built-in mechanism for load balancing. The system is cost-effective, bringing production-quality and high performance to hosting business. This built-in mechanism balances the resource load i.e. websites, mails, DNS, databases etc. among the servers.

Take a look at the key features HCnix offers

HCnix vs HC10 Linux


Linux Only (Apache)

HCnix is a Linux based web hosting automation control panel which facilitates web hosts to manage multiple Web(Apache), Mail, Database and DNS servers on different GNU/Linux flavors in a cluster environment through single interface.

HC10 Linux Box

HC10 Linux

Windows & Linux (IIS & Apache)

HC10 gives its users the freedom to use any operating system (Windows/Linux) in their cluster, with only one limitation that the control/master server must have Windows servers installed and have a web-server role. This provides flexibility to manage Windows (IIS) and Linux (Apache) web servers simultaneously through a centralized single interface.

HC Database on MySQL

All Linux hosting records are stored on Linux server database (MySQL). Whereas centralized HCnix database enables web hosts to manage all Linux servers running inside the cluster from single interface.

HC Database on MS SQL Server

HC10 Linux must be part of HC10 windows panel cluster. All Linux hosting records are stored on windows server database (MS SQL Server), whereas centralized HC database gives user flexibility to access any/all servers including Windows & Linux running inside the cluster from single interface.

Independent Linux Control Panel

Windows server is not required to run HCnix.

Windows Dependent Control Panel

In order to run HC on linux server there is one limitation. You will need atleast one windows server which acts as control or master server to run along with linux machine(s).

System Requirements for HCnix

Minimum system requirements for HCnix are listed on this page. However we recommend you to get better server exceeding these minimum requirements. In case of any confusion you should consult HC support team and get their expert advice.


  • Any GNU/Linux OS like CentOS, Debian, CloudLinux or Redhat.
  • Apache must be installed on Web Servers where you want to run HCnix panel.
  • MySQL
  • PHP as DSO, php-xml and php-mysqli
  • HCnix Linux License.



  • x86
  • x86_64
  • IA64
  • ARM
  • and other CPU architectures.


  • For servers with DNS roles, a supported DNS Server should be installed from the list of HCnix supported software for DNS. [Check the List]
  • For servers with Mail roles, a supported Mail Server should be installed from the list of HCnix supported software for Mail. [Check the List]
  • HCnix supports a distributed environment. Service providers can use their Web, Mail, DNS and Database servers on separate servers. However you may choose to run all services from single server as well.
  • Your server must be connected to the internet so it can communicate with our activation server