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HCnix Control Panel Features

HCnix is a comprehensive hosting management solution for hosting service providers and their customers to provision and manage their hosting accounts on Linux servers through centralized interface.

HCnix works on a three tier user model.

Hosting Administrator
  • Owner of the hosting company
  • Has full control
  • Makes and sells hosting plans to his reseller
  • Reseller of the hosting services offered by Host Admin
  • Free to make his own "Plans" for his customers
  • He has to remain within the "Resources" allocated to him
  • Creates Webadmin and hosting accounts for them
Web Admin
  • Final customer of the reseller that makes and uses hosting services
  • Web Admin Makes the payment to reseller for the services

HCnix Features

Cluster Management
Cluster Management

HCnix relieves the pain of logging different servers separately and performing related management tasks. You can manage multiple Linux servers through centralized single interface within a cluster.

  • Add New Server (Linux))
  • Remove Existing Servers
  • Add/Edit/Modify Server Roles
  • Define Global Settings for Cluster
Loading Balancing
Loading Balancing

As the traffic increases, and as applications are going more and more complex, system administrators encounter a common bottleneck: a single server simply can't handle the load. An obvious way to solve that issue is to use multiple servers to serve the same content. While most solutions are expensive and hardware-based, HCnix Load Balancer is cost-effective, bring production-quality and high performance into hosting business.

This built-in mechanism balances the resources load among the servers i-e websites, users, mails, DNS, database etc.

  • Multiple servers support for Linux
  • Option to dedicate a server roles to specific reseller(s)
  • Configure multiple roles per server i.e. Web, Mail, DNS, Database, Virtualization etc.
Multi-language Support
Multi-language Support

HCnix is available in many global languages. It comes ready with multiple language packs.

  • Built-in support for several languages.
  • Language Packs are absolutely FREE!
Virtualization Component
Virtualization Component

HCnix delivers Virtual Machine (V.M) provisioning facility using some of the most popular Hypervisors such as KVM (new), Xen and OpenVZ. This easy to provision capability makes HCnix a top of the line Virtualization automation suite.

  • Create, Start, Stop, Reboot, Edit and Delete VPS
  • Snapshots management.
  • Networking management.
  • View list of virtual machines.
  • Change VPS configuration.
  • Change VPS administrator password.
  • VM bandwidth monitoring.
  • Fully-automated provisioning of new VPS based on prepared OS templates.
Accounts Manager
Accounts Manager

Powerful and unique Account Manager with rich management features.

  • 3 Levels of Users - HostAdmin, Resellers & WebAdmin
  • Add/Edit/Delete Reseller or WebAdmin User Accounts
  • Add/Edit/Delete FTP Accounts
  • Edit Account Profiles (Address, E-mail etc).
  • Change Account Passwords
  • Allocate Hosting Plans to Accounts
  • Suspend/Activate User Accounts.
  • FTP Account login to manage folders and files. (new)
Plan Manager
Plan Manager

Plan Manager allows unlimited plans creation both at Host and Reseller levels. It is very helpful to reseller based hosting companies as with the help of complete private labeling support, the reseller essentially becomes a web hosting company of its own.

  • Add/Modify/Rename/Delete Hosting Plans.
  • Create/Sell/Delete Hosting Add-on.
  • Make Plans Available/Unavailable for Specific Customers.
  • Ability to Disable Plan.
  • Ability to Disable Reseller Account.
  • Detailed Reports of Sold Plans Purchased Plans etc.
  • Tight Integration with Third Party Billing.
  • Easy Plan Management and Extremely Easy Interface.
  • Easy Plan Comparison.
  • Comprehensive Searching Feature.
  • Import Copy of Host Plans.
  • Different Types of Plans supported i.e. Shared Hosting, Mail-only Hosting, VPS-only Hosting Plans etc.
Domains Manager
Domains Manager
  • Add/Edit/Delete Domains.
  • NAT Support.
  • Add/Edit/Delete Sub-Domains.
  • Add/Edit/Delete FTP Users.
  • Support for Name-Based (Virtual IP) as well as IP-Based (Dedicated IP) Hosting
  • Start/Stop/Pause Websites.
  • Add/Edit/Delete Virtual Directories.
  • Configure Advanced Settings like Custom Errors, Host Headers, Site Redirect and Parked Domains.
  • Private Folders
  • Set Default Documents.
  • Instant Site Access for Name-Based Domains. Reseller can specify a format which allows user to access web sites, FTP, mail prior to DNS provisioning.
  • Ability for Reseller to Set Custom Parking Page.
  • Ability to set HTTP URL Redirection.
DNS Manager
DNS Manager

Powerful DNS management feature with distributed DNS support.

  • Support for BIND DNS on Linux.
  • Support for Remote DNS Servers.
  • Automatic DNS Entries on Site Creation (MX, A, PTR etc).
  • Web Based DNS Editor
  • Custom Name servers Support for Resellers - Ideal for Private Labeling.
  • Automatic DNS replication from Primary to Secondary.
Mail Manager
Mail Manager

Unique support for multiple mail servers and powerful mail management features.

  • Support for Four mail servers. [ See List ]
  • Support for Multiple type of Mail Servers within a cluster.
  • Add/Edit/Delete Mail Domains.
  • Allocate Mailbox Size etc.
  • Add/Edit/Delete Mail Aliases & POP Accounts.
  • Change Email Passwords.
  • Set/Edit/Delete Mail Forwarding
  • Add/Edit/Delete Mailing List & Add/Remove members of Mailing List.
  • Support for SquirrelMail as a Webmail client.
  • Support for Catch-all mailbox. (new)
Database Manager
Database Manager

Powerful support for mySQL on both local and remote servers.

  • Run mySQL Database on Local and Remote Server.
  • Add/Edit/Delete mySQL Databases on Both Local or Remote Server.
  • Backup and Restore mySQL Databases on Both Local or Remote Server.
  • View Backup and Restore history. (new)
  • Download previous backups. (new)
Statistics Manager
Statistics Manager

Setup website statistics with click of a button.

  • Support for two Statistics Servers (WebAlizer & AWStats).
  • Shipped Free AWStats Statistics Server.
  • Setup & Configure Web Statistics on Click of a Button.
  • Website Statistics Viewable via Web.
Bandwidth Monitor
Bandwidth Monitor

Advanced Bandwidth Monitoring Utility to monitor traffic on server.

  • Bandwidth Calculation for Website.
  • E-mail Alerts for Each level of Admin (configurable).
  • Automatic Site Suspension on Bandwidth Exceed (Configurable).
  • Tightly Integrated With Plan Manager.
Disk Usage Monitor
Disk Usage Monitor

HCnix continuously monitors the Disk Usage and sends alerts when it is about to exceed the allowed limit.

  • Continuous Monitoring of Disk Space.
  • Send Alerts to Both Host and Customer when it is about to Exceed (configurable).
  • Tightly Integrated With Plan Manager.
  • Detailed Disk Usage reports of all websites, mail and databases.
  • Disk Usage reports of all individual files and folders within websites (new)
Scripting Manager
Scripting Manager

Allow or deny scripting permission on individual websites with single click.

  • Allow or disallow PHP scripting on per website basis.
  • Allow or disallow Perl scripting on per website basis.
Backup and Restore
Easy Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore the entire server resources with the intuitive Backup and Restore utility.

  • Backup/restore of HCnix database
  • Web servers backup/restore including permissions, virtual directories, pools etc
  • Mail severs backup/restore including mail domains, settings, mailboxes and mailing lists.
  • Restoration of email user accounts with their original passwords.
  • Backups on user defined intervals.
  • Advanced options to schedule backup on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Backup/restore of User Webspace Data.
  • Resellers and Webadmins can take backup of their individual resources. (new)

HCnix permits extensive reporting.

  • View Hosting Quota report for all three levels.
  • View Bandwidth Usage report for both Reseller and End user.
  • View Disk Usage report for both Reseller and End user.
  • View Disk Usage report further for all the folders and files within a website. (new)
NAT Manager
NAT Manager

Map Internal IPs to Public IPs with the HCnix NAT Manager.

  • Map a range of Internal IPs to Public IPs.
Shared and Dedicated SSL
Shared and Dedicated SSL

Install Shared and Dedicated SSL certificates on websites.

  • Install Shared and Dedicated SSL on websites.
  • Generate CSR
Third Party Billing

For their billing needs users can utilize WHMCS, a widely used billing platform. HCnix comes tightly integrated with WHMCS.


Linux Cron utility is an effective way to schedule a routine background job at a specific time and/or day on an on-going basis. HCnix provides user friendly interface to manage scheduled jobs within the panel.

  • List Scheduled Cronjobs
  • Add Cronjob
  • Edit a Cronjob
  • Delete a Cronjob
Click & Install Apps.
Click & Install Apps.

As a value added service, you may offer SaaS applications with every website. Web host can now offer variety of PHP & MySQL based applications to their customers within the hosting package. These are simple but yet flexible applications which can help you look and ultimately grow you as professional web hosting company. By offering these value-added applications, web host clearly gets a competitive edge over its rivals.

  • Install/Uninstall/Disable Application on Websites with a click.
  • Lots of new Click & Install Apps are included in HCnix under different categories i-e Blogs, Forums, Ecommerce Solutions, Customer Support Solutions, Content Management System, Online Calendar, Site Builder, Web Data Manager and Photo Gallery.
Cloud Linux
Cloud Linux (LVE Manager) (new)
  • View Current Usage
  • Set CPU, nCPU, MEM Limits etc
  • View Top LVEs, LVE Approaching Limit, Fault LVE statistics etc
  • LVE Reseller and End User Usage Statistics.

Import existing websites and databases into HCnix.

  • Import Websites
  • Import Databases
  • Transfer Websites
Folder Manager
Folder Manager

Web based interface for management of Files/Folders.

  • Add/Edit/Delete/Rename Folders.
  • Users can Upload Files to their Account.
  • User can Zip their Files/Folders.
  • User can Edit their Web Pages online.
  • Automatic Optimized security Settings on Folder and Files.
  • Add/Update/Remove User Rights on Files/Folders.
  • Tighten Security According To Your Requirement.