HC Professional Support Services

HC Professional Support Services

Hosting Controller has been offering remarkable support services to its clientele for many years. Keeping in view the latest business trends and challenges, HC extends its support domain to a higher level under the banner of HC Professional Support Services. This service not only strengthens the bond between HC and customers but also ensures that their business meet all its targets successfully.

HC's friendly staff always goes out of the way to provide support and resolve issues of every customer. These reported affairs are related to HC software but there are also a number of matters which are not directly related to HC. At HC we understand that no matter what the domain of encountered issue(s) is, it only affects the flow of involved business paradigm. Thus to address all such issues we are launching a new support services plan called HC Professional Support Services.

What is covered?

HC Professional Support Services deal with the complications of different domain which do not come under the HC software trouble shooting and are divided as follows:

  • Server Migration
  • Third Part Software Installation & Configuration
  • Microsoft Enterprise Applications Installation & Configuration
  • Custom Integration & Development Services

HC Support associates some "Incident Support Plan" with each service. The number of incidents to be associated with the service(s) depends on its scale. For example a simple installation of third party software may require the purchase of just one or two instances of "Incident Support Plan". And HC customization may require the purchase of 10 instances of "Incident Support Plan". Each instance of "Incident Support Plan" costs $65. The number of incidents to be associated is decided (suggested) by HC support team.

To avail services that fall under any of the above mentioned domains, contact HC support team and describe your requirements. Team will advise you about the number of incidents to be purchased. Place your order for the required number of instances. You must open a support ticket right after you have placed the order. Write your requirements with detail and mention your invoice id in that ticket for reference.