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HC BlackBerry Module

HC BlackBerry Module

BlackBerry Enterprise Solution is a complete wireless platform to extend the benefits of messaging and collaboration environment and other tools to mobile professionals. The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution provides push-based access to email; calendar, contacts, tasks & notes; instant messaging; web-based and enterprise applications.

HC BlackBerry Module offers automated provisioning and management of BlackBerry accounts to a Hosted Exchange deployment. HC provides a centralized administration interface for managing all user activation related tasks in an organized manner and it integrates seamlessly with existing Exchange Hosting services. Service providers can create BlackBerry service plans, add existing Exchange enabled users to BlackBerry Enterprise Server and view statistics for individual BlackBerry users. Additional features include the ability to set activation password with expiration, and remove BlackBerry users from BlackBerry Enterprise Server.


Service Providers Hosting Service Providers can add BlackBerry server, create (BES) hosting plans and can also include BlackBerry resources as an add-on to existing plans.

Resellers HC Resellers buy HC BlackBerry plans from Host and resell customized plans to web admins according to their specific requirements.

Web Admins HC Web Admins can activate BlackBerry service on a mailbox user for a specific mail domain and manage BlackBerry users for advanced features.

* BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express Edition is also supported.