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HC Domain Registration Module. 5

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Proprietary Notice


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Target Audience

This document is intended for HOST ADMINISTRATORS, who need to enable and configure the REALTIME REGISTER domain registrar. It explains all the technicalities and functionalities of REALTIME REGISTER in detail. In addition to that, it also states the required steps to ensure flawless working of REALTIME REGISTER with HC. 



It is assumed that you have successfully installed HC and performed all the prerequisites to enable and configure REALTIME REGISTER domain registrar.



About HC

It enables web hosting companies to manage all their servers both Windows & Linux through centralized interface. You can add multiple mail servers within a cluster and offer MS-Exchange & SharePoint hosting. You can expand your business with HC, from one server to cluster of servers. It allows you to add new clusters as per your requirements.


HC Installation

You have to first install it on database server having windows operating system. It can be a standalone server and can have other roles such as Web, Mail and DNS as per your requirements. For further assistance, refer to HC Installation Guide.


HC Pre-requisites and Working

Before Installation, you should know the pre-requisites of HC. You have to install Microsoft SQL Server. Instead of this, if you want, you can also download HC installer, in which MSDE is bundled free, depending on your requirements. You have to install Mail Server such as Mail Enable or any other. For websites, you have to install IIS and DNS.


Following figure illustrates working of HC in a cluster environment:



HC Domain Registration Module

Domain Registration is a process of selecting a unique name on the Internet. If there isn’t exists any such name over the Internet, only then you can successfully register your required name.


A domain name is always unique over the internet.


HC offers following actions under its domain registration module:


Ø      View all Registered Domains

Ø      Check Domain

Ø      Register a Domain

Ø      Extend Registration Duration of any Registered Domain

Ø      Change the Name Server of an Existing Domain

Ø      View Details of all the Registered Domains

Ø      Delete an Existing Domain



Following section of this document describes each of the above stated functions/actions in detail.

Realtime Register Configuration

Prior to configure REALTIME REGISTER, you have to enable it first. Follow the series of steps as stated to avoid faults and errors.


Enable Realtime Register


  1. Login to the control panel as a host administrator

  1. After successful login, following screen is displayed:


  1. Go to “General >> Server Manager”. It opens following screen:



  1. Select “Global Settings”. It opens following screen:



  1. Select Windows Family >> Web Server and then select the checkbox to enable Domain Registration. Select “Save Settings” to apply the changes. It updates the cluster accordingly:



  1. As HC supports multiple domain registrars. Therefore, to enable REALTIME REGISTER go to System >> My Server >> Domain Registrants Settings. It opens following screen:



Select REALTIME REGISTER from the list of supported domain registrars and then “Activate/Deactivate Registrar” to enable REALTIME REGISTER as your domain registrar.


  1. To configure select “Configure”. It opens following screen:



Specify information as required and then select “Save Settings”. It updates your cluster with the specified information as shown below:



Registered Domains

To manage your registered domains go to Toolbox >> Tools >> Domain Registration. It opens following screen:



It is the Registered Domains section that shows the existing registered domains, currently, there exist only one registered domain.

            Check Domain

To check whether a domain exists or not, select Check Domain. It opens following screen:



§         Domain Name:

Specify domain name in this field and select “Check Domain”. It shows you if the domain is already registered or not.

Register Domain

To register any domain, select Register Domain. It opens following screen:



Specify required information in the fields and select “Register Domain”. It registers a domain with the specified information that you can view in the Registered Domains section as:



Extend Durations

To Extend Duration of any of the registered domain, select the domain name and then select “Extend Duration”. It allows you to expand the expiry date of the selected domain.



Change NS

To change the Name Server of any of the domain, select the domain name from the list and then select “Change NS”. It allows you to modify the name server of the selected domain as per your requirements.



View Details

To view details of any of the registered domain, select your required domain and then “Details”. It shows details as:




To delete any of the registered domains, select the domain as required and then select “Delete”. It removes the specified domain.


Contact Us

In case of any ambiguity/query regarding HC and REALTIME REGISTER configurations, please feel free to contact us at support@hostingcontroller.com