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Proprietary Notice


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Target Audience

This document is intended for all those who want to install HC on Linux systems. It describes all the prerequisites and installation steps that assure successful installation and working of HC on Linux platform.


Please, read this document to have absolute information and to avoid any type of ambiguity related to the installation process.





About HC

It enables web hosting companies to manage all their servers both Windows & Linux through centralized interface. You can add multiple mail servers within a cluster and offer MS-Exchange & SharePoint hosting. You can expand your business with HC, from one server to cluster of servers. It allows you to add new clusters as per your requirements.


Before Installation





You need to know the followings to install and configure HC on Linux systems.







Note: In order to run HC on Linux server there is one limitation. You will need at least one windows server which acts as control or master server to run along with Linux machine(s). HC8 Linux must be part of HC8 windows panel cluster. All Linux hosting records are stored on windows server database, whereas centralized HC database gives user flexibility to access any/all servers including Windows & Linux running inside the cluster from single interface.



HC Supported Servers

Prior to install HC on Linux machines, you should separately install your required applications/software on your server before running HC Linux installer i.e. Web/DNS/Mail Server etc. Following is the list of all such servers that should be properly running on your system before installing HC.


Ø      Web Server Role

o        Apache Web Server

o        WU-ftp/vsftp

o        Quota Package

o        ACL Package

o        Webalizer

o        xinetd Package

Ø      DNS Role

o        BIND9

Ø      Database Server Role

o        MySQL Database

Ø      Mail Server Role

o        Sendmail/Qmail with VPOPMail/Exim

o        xinetd Package

o        Courier-Imap(For Qmail)/VIMAP Server with linuxconf virtual domain support(SendMail/Exim)



Make sure that all the relevant services are running on your machine.


HC Supported OS and Distributions

As far as operating system is concerned, HC supports the following:


Ø      Linux (Kernel 2.11.x or later with glibc6)


HC supports GUN/LINUX Distributions like:


Ø      SuSE 10.x and later

Ø      Debian 4.x and later

Ø      Ubuntu 5.x and later

Ø      CentOS: 4.6 and later

Ø      Fedora Core 4 and later

Ø      Redhat® Enterprise Linux 3.0 and later


Steps to Follow

The steps should be followed as stated to avoid any type of confusion and faulty installation of HC.


  1. First of all specify command to run the installer as shown:



It will take few minutes to extract the HC package.



  1. Now specify TCP Port for HC Remoting Service. The default port is 8788. If you want to proceed with the default port then press “Enter”.




  1. Now, you need to select whether you want to register your server at this step or skip the registration process. You can register your server any time later as well.


To skip the registration process, select 1. To register your server, select 2. The default value is 2. To select the default value, press “Enter”.



To proceed with the registration process, please refer to Register Now section of this document.


To skip registration, please refer to the Skip Registration section of this document.

Register Now

  1. Selecting register now, opens following screen:



  1. It further shows you two more options i.e. it inquires about your Database Server. If you are using MS SQL then select 1. If your Database Server is SQL Server (MSDE) then select 2. The default value is 2.




The later section of this document, describes how to install HC Linux with MS SQL Server.



With MS SQL Server


  1. In case of MS SQL, specify MS SQL user name as shown:



  1. Specify password for MS SQL Server



  1. Specify server name for MS SQL Server




Server name should be the IP address of your server, as NETBIOS Name is not recognized during Linux to Windows communication.



  1. Specify IP Address of MS SQL Server



  1. Specify Database Name for MS SQL Server



Your server is registered successfully.


  1. Now specify the IP address of allowed HC machine(s). You can also add multiple allowed machines if required, in that case specify IP address of each machine.



Allowed HC machines are permitted to communicate with HC Linux.





You must specify IP of NIC card of DB Server in the first step, otherwise there might be a communication issue.




Allowed HC machines are added successfully.


  1. Now, please wait for files to be copied.




  1. That’s it, HC is successfully installed on your machine


Skip Registration


  1. Press 1 to skip the registration process.




  1. Selecting skip registration leads to the screen, where you can add IP addresses of the allowed HC machines.



Allowed HC machines are added successfully.


  1. Now, please wait for files to be copied.




  1. That’s it, HC is successfully installed on your machine.



Contact Us

In case of any ambiguity/query regarding HC installation on Linux machines, please feel free to contact us at support@hostingcontroller.com