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Release Notes

"Hotfix 3.2 for Hosting Controller v.6.1” (subsequently referred to as “Hotfix 3.2”) contains one self-extracted executable program called ‘HotfixV61_3_2.exe’ and it can be obtained from the Hosting Controller website

The fixes in this update are included in the current downloadable installer for Hosting Controller.

Hotfix 3.2 requires that Hosting Controller v.6.1 software be installed on the computer.

To help ensure a satisfactory installation of the Hotfix, please do as follows:

1. Read the entire release notes.
2. Make sure to take a backup of the Hosting Controller database. (in the Hosting Controller database folder)
3. Make sure that you have the administrator’s privileges for the computer on which you want to install the Hotfix. Contact your technical support team if you are unsure about your access rights.
4. Make sure that the Hosting Controller services are not running.
5. Make sure that IIS is restarted using the "iisreset.exe" command, on the command line.


No Uninstaller
No uninstaller has been included with Hotfix 3.2 for Hosting Controller v.6.1.

Please do not take Hosting Controller database backup with intention of restoring later when the hotfix is applied. The hotfix updates your database also and restoring old database will result in problems.

To obtain answers regarding any of our products, reporting problems, or suggesting improvements, please write to support at For on-site service, support, and training, please contact your local Hosting Controller value added reseller (VAR) partner.

Is there a hotfix available for Secondary HC server?
The same hotfix is applied on Secondary HC server. It will update only the required components on the secondary HC server.

How can I tell if the Hotfix has already been installed?
Log onto control panel as HostAdmin and scroll down the main page.“Hotfix 3.2” will be displayed in the Hotfix Version field if the Hotfix is installed.

Has Hotfix 3.2 for Hosting Controller v.6.1 undergone any testing?
Yes. The Hotfix 3.2 has undergone formal testing through our Product Test Group and meets the requirements for release.

What bugs are fixed in this Hotfix?
Hotfix 3.2 contains the following fixes and improvements:


  • MailEnable Professional version 2.0 is now fully supported.


  • Fixed a bug where IP address was not changed for host header, on switching website IP.
  • Fixed a bug where any authenticated user was able to gain the host admin privileges and was able to view all his resellers and change their passwords.

Jimmy "G'Force"

Archived Log

Improvements in Hotfix 3.1

  • WordPress Blog now supported. For more information on WordPress Blog see
  • phpBB Forums now supported. For more information on phpBB Forums see

Fixes in Hotfix 3.1

  • Fixed a bug where on switching a plan, HC was not showing all available plans properly.
  • Fixed a bug where HC was not taking backup of webspace data properly, in case FTP path was set as the backup path.
  • Fixed a bug where MDaemon registry entry was created on accessing Mail Manager from HC, even if the MDaemon was not installed.
  • Fixed a bug where HC was sending empty Credit Card Disabled email.
  • Fixed a bug where if two databases (MSSQL or MySQL) are created on two different servers from HC panel, when one is deleted then both the entries are deleted from the HC database.

Improvements in Hotfix 3.0

  • Improved interface, HC now displays both webadmin and webmail URLs under Mail Manager.
  • HC now provides username/password for DSN authentication in case of MS Access for simple ODBC DSN.
  • HC now adds postmaster alias for the user added, while adding a mail domain in MDaemon through the panel.

Fixes in Hotfix 3.0

  • Fixed a bug where rebuildXpress was not displaying correct company name in the password reset email.
  • Fixed a bug where HC was displaying incorrect used sub domain quota, at main page's Resource Usage Summary.

Improvements in Hotfix 2.9

  • Improved interface, HC now displays the currently installed version of ASP.Net in the websites list in Scripting Manager.

Fixes in Hotfix 2.9

  • Fixed a bug where reseller was able to sell more than the allocated quota.
  • Fixed a bug where LDF and MDF files for every SQL database were created under webadmin's root folder instead of folder.
  • Fixed a bug where both at webadmin and reseller level, a user was able to create any number of stats site, regardless of the allowed limit.
  • Fixed a bug where Temporary Virtual Directory URL was not mentioned in the welcome email on domain creation.

Improvements in Hotfix 2.8

  • Improved add-on selling, where user was not allowed to sell more than 99 add-ons at a time.

Fixes in Hotfix 2.8

  • Fixed a bug where IceWarp user was not created on mail domain creation, if the global settings INI file was missing from the IceWarp config folder.
  • Fixed a bug where HC was not retrieving user information in Paypal IPN (Instant Payment Notification).
  • Fixed a bug where on purchasing a plan, "Take Plan" button was not being enabled in case gateway was Paypal.
  • Fixed a bug where in the Plan Resource, even after Domain Registration was set as 0, the Autosignup page was still charging the domain registration.
  • Fixed a bug where HC was not displaying correct FTP user quota on its main page.

Improvements in Hotfix 2.7

  • HC now supports more than ONE SQL and MySQL database servers.

Fixes in Hotfix 2.7

  • Fixed a bug where in case of Auth.NET, credit card information could not be disabled after allowed numbers of declined transactions.
  • Fixed a bug where a website's folder was locked, on generating stats, for that website.
  • Fixed a bug where HC was not deleting any sold Add-On.

Improvements in Hotfix 2.6

  • ASP.NET 2.0 now supported.
  • SQL Server 2005 now supported.

Fixes in Hotfix 2.6

  • Fixed a bug where HC was not setting up default mailbox and maximum message size, while creating mail domain, in IceWarp Mail Server.
  • Fixed a bug where HC was throwing Microsoft VBScript compilation error '800a0411'  whenever host admin tried to browse path for .NET and Perl scripting.
  • Fixed a bug where HC was not setting up recurring discount properly for a sold plan at reseller level.
  • Fixed a bug where HC was not browsing directory properly for a website in case of Windows 2003.

Fixes in Hotfix 2.5

  • Fixed a bug where HC was not setting up webadmin root folder properly when we try to Import a Windows User as webadmin.
  • Fixed a bug where reseller was able to delete a used Add-On.
  • Fixed a bug where HC was showing a blank page at Sold Plan Details for Turkish language.
  • Fixed a bug where rebuildXpress was unable to restore separate Application Pool for each website where, although it was enable in Setting.exe.
  • Fixed a bug where rebuildXpress was not setting correct FTP quota limit in OS on restore.
  • Fixed a bug where actual consumed disk space was shown incorrectly, in Hosting Quota Report details.
  • Fixed a bug where total sold quantity for POP boxes in reseller report was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where HC was not calculating disk usage for folders, which were placed at root of webadmin.
  • Fixed a bug where a user could change POP boxes per mail domain, where it was not allowed in domain's specific plan.
  • Fixed a bug where description and clickable URL was displayed incorrectly in the mail body whenever a trouble ticket was updated.
  • Fixed a bug where webadmin's First name and Last Name were not shown properly in his profile under reseller level just in case if webadmin has added his credit card information.

Improvements in Hotfix 2.4

  • HC now supports Unzip file option under Folder Manager.
  • Improved plan setup and add-on invoices where on new domain creation HC was displaying Login ID in Bill To instead of first name and last name. It will display Customer Name along with Login ID.
  • Improved interface, now webadmin is able to add stats for his domains.

Fixes in Hotfix 2.4

  • Fixed a bug where rebuildXpress was unable to set admin rights for mail domain administration account, in case of IMAIL mail server.
  • Fixed a bug where HC did not delete zone file from remote secondary DNS server.
  • Fixed a bug where IIS Password was not working in case of .ASP templates.
  • Fixed a bug where HC was not deleting any sold Add-On.
  • Fixed a bug where HC was not creating Forums virtual directory in IIS.
  • Fixed a bug of Session Expired when user clicks on stats link through panel.
  • Fixed a bug where HC was not adding SPF record, in DNS zone file, after mail domain creation.
  • Fixed a bug where reseller auto signup was throwing blank page main.asp.
  • Fixed the PHP vulnerability, which allowed users to view contents of all drives & also download anything from any drive.
  • Fixed a bug where auto signup was not displaying Domain Registration Add-On when it was enabled to be displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where HC was not creating 'nobody' alias in case of IMAIL mail server.
  • Fixed a bug where reseller was able to enable .NET on a website (of webadmin) even if the .NET resource was not sold in the plan.
  • Fixed a bug where actual consumed disk space was shown incorrect in Hosting Quota Report details.
  • Fixed a bug where HC was not displaying correct used sub domain quota at main page's Resource Usage Summary.

Improvements in Hotfix 2.3

  • Improved Hotfix, now it will not reset startup type, to default, of any HC service.
  • Improved Hotfix installation on Windows 2003, where it was taking lot of time.
  • Improved Payment Form, now HC will display credit card expiration year, starting from the current year.
  • HC was setting SOA expire time a bit low in DNS zone file, now its setting it correctly.

Fixes in Hotfix 2.3

  • Fixed a bug where webadmin could not enable scripting for any of his website where it was available as an add-on to his sold plans.
  • Fixed a bug where a session was getting expired at auto signup domain creation.
  • Fixed a bug where a remote authenticated user was able to create account without having enough quota.
  • Fixed a bug where no navigation link was not provided at FTP site listing.
  • Fixed a bug where a remote authenticated user was able to browse all folders and files on the server, through SSL virtual directory module and COM registration module.
  • Fixed a bug where a remote authenticated user could conduct SQL injection attacks through forgot password option.
  • Fixed a bug where permissions on the stats virtual directory in case of AWStats were not set correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where ASPFusion components were not automatically enabled on domain creation.
  • Fixed a bug where SSL virtual directory was not being removed on domain deletion.
  • Fixed a bug where Disk usage and Bandwidth usage reports were not correctly displayed at the host level.
  • Fixed a bug where a remote authenticated user was able to disable any type of scripting for any website on server.
  • Fixed a bug where rebuildXpress backup service crashed, while trying to take mail user's backup in case of IMAIL, being set with external database.
  • Fixed a bug where HC was not sending email alerts before invoice becomes due.


Jimmy of "G'Force"

Improvements in Hotfix 2.2

  • Disk usage and Bandwidth usage reports are now well formed. The reseller can easily view all of his webadmins details and can send them mails as well.

Fixes in Hotfix 2.2

  • Fixed a bug where any authenticated user was able to gain host privileges.
  • Fixed a bug where any authenticated user was able to change his/her credit.
  • Fixed a bug where a remote authenticated user could conduct SQL injection attacks. 
  • Fixed a bug where any reseller was able to uninstall FrontPage extension from any other reseller's website.
  • Fixed a bug where website's 'www' folder was not deleted after the website deletion. 
  • Fixed a bug where Disk usage and Bandwidth usage reports included deleted add-ons.
  • Fixed a bug where HC was not calculating disk space for data located under root of the webadmin user.
  • Fixed a bug where the remaining bandwidth at reseller level was same as the allocated bandwidth.
  • Fixed a bug where HC was not setting and displaying correct operating disk quota.
  • Fixed a bug where DNS interface was not updated when a website's IP address was changed.
  • Fixed a bug where webadmin was able to hijack host's DNS server by creating a 'com' host header.
  • Fixed a bug where Smarter stats configuration was not set correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where rebuildXpress where it was throwing error on restore process and was throwing exception of 'Awstats' table in its log file.

Improvements in Hotfix 2.1

  • Separate application pool creation option for Windows 2003 is provided now along with application pool recycling. Host can enable it under IIS tab of Settings.exe and through web interface as well.
  • Improved reports for both Disk Usage and Bandwidth Usage.
  • Improved hosting quota reports at reseller level to display actual consumption of resources by respective webadmins.
  • rebuildXpress now supports AWStats which includes its backup and restore.
  • rebuildXpress now supports NAT.

Fixes in Hotfix 2.1

  • Fixed a bug where any authenticated user was able to stop any other user's website.
  • Fixed a bug where a remote authenticated user could conduct SQL injection attacks.
  • Fixed a bug where any domain or sub domain, created by HC, was not being displayed in domain listing.
  • Fixed a bug where a remote authenticated user was able to view and delete any reseller's add-ons and plans.
  • Fixed a bug where a quota error was displayed on very new mail domain creation.
  • Fixed a bug where any reseller or webadmin could update the email of the host and thus was able to get his password through the forgot password option.
  • Fixed a bug where consumed bandwidth was displayed as zero in the bandwidth usage report by email.
  • Fixed a bug where, change of password of mail domain (MailEnable only) admin account through HC, was reset from an ADMIN user type account to a USER type account.
  • Fixed a bug where rebuildXpress was unable to set correct log folder path for a website in case of Windows 2003.
  • Fixed a bug where webadmin was able to start her website even when it was stop because of her due payments.
  • Fixed a bug where webadmin was unable to update her credit card information.
  • Fixed a bug when webadmin created a ticket and instead of webadmin's email reseller's email was displayed under User Information.
  • Fixed a bug where edit DNS zone was not working in case of Bind on Linux.
  • Fixed a bug where unwanted registry entries were created during domain setup.
  • Fixed a bug where import site select plan does not show up sub-domain plans in case a third level domain was imported.
  • Fixed a bug in import site where, HC was not able to import a domain as a third level domain.
  • Fixed a bug where, Next button was not displayed, at reseller level under Forums.

Improvements in Hotfix 2.0

  • SPF record creation in DNS zone file is now supported. For more information on SPF see 
  • Trouble ticket priority level is also displayed in trouble ticket listing which helps in differentiate the tickets with different priority levels.

Fixes in Hotfix 2.0

  • Fixed a bug where an unauthenticated user was getting created by sending values to autosignup templates.
  • Fixed a bug where rebuildXpress was not able to create and restore MS SQL database from different web space location.
  • Fixed a bug to retain language settings when autoloign to some lower administration level and then logout.
  • Fixed a bug to enable Basic Authentication when installing FrontPage for a website.
  • Fixed a bug in browse template if there is a folder or file having "&" in its name.
  • Fixed a bug when a deleted sold plan was still getting displayed under bandwidth usage.
  • Fixed a bug where reseller creation takes so long and results in timeout.
  • Fixed a bug where anyone was able to access all HC created log files and was able to disclose all domains hosted on the server.
  • Fixed a bug where webadmin was unable to download database backup file.
  • Fixed a bug in Hotfix installer where it was deleting a registry entry for rebuildXpress which was creating problem in backup process.
  • Fixed a bug where Billing Manager link was visible at webadmin level even it was disable by the host.
  • Fixed a bug where site properties takes forever to show up in PanelXP skin.
  • Fixed a bug in case NAT is enabled and reseller try to enable his own name server, HC displays the INTERNAL IP address for the name server and not the EXTERNAL IP address.
  • Fixed a bug when creating sub-domain, the list of sell plans does not show up the plans which do have sub-domain quota.

Improvements in Hotfix 1.9

  • rebuildXpress now takes backup of HC database as well in case of remote SQL Server. 

Fixes in Hotfix 1.9

  • Fixed a bug when a reseller try to change Disk Quota for any of his web admins and a JS error was displayed. The bug can only be seen on a server where regional settings is other than English and "," (COMMA) is used in decimal values representation instead of "." (DOT).
  • Fixed some bugs related to Server Variable (SERVER_NAME) which were introduced after applying Service Pack 1 for Windows 2003.
  • Fixed a bug when domain was created using [free] auto-signup process and its zone file was not visible in HC zones listing.
  • Fixed a bug when IceWarp Mail Server is displayed in mail servers list even if you have never installed it on your machine.
  • Fixed a bug when you set reseller DNS once and it tries to get that information even if you have disabled the reseller DNS.
  • Fixed a bug in case NAT is enabled and in autosignup page which displays the name servers information actually displays the INTERNAL IP address for the name server and not the EXTERNAL IP address.
  • Fixed a bug when a trouble ticket is generated between Host-Reseller OR Reseller-Webadmin. The hyperlink within the mail which is sent to Host/Reseller is creating problem and is displayed as blank page when clicked.
  • Fixed a bug for CFMX DSN creation for ColdFusion MX 6 and also Settings.exe ask for CFMX admin password even if CF was not installed on the machine.
  • Fixed a bug where HC was not creating remote mail domain on IceWarp Mail Server.
  • Fixed a bug with Names4Ever when you put 1 credit (1 year registration) for domain, the user can register more than 1 year.

Improvements in Hotfix 1.8

  • ColdFusion MX 7 now supported.
  • LinkPoint International version 6.0 now supported. The gateway module now fully supports transactions with this version.
  • IceWarp Mail Server 8.0 now supported.
  • AWStats version 6.4 now supported. Hotfix updates your system with latest AWStats version.
  • The Mail Delivery Service (HCSMTP) now includes enhanced HELO functionality. HELO handshake now sends the domain name which makes sure that mail delivery doesn't fail due to HELO failure.
  • Customer Invoices now include arrear amounts.
  • Saudi Ryal is added to available currencies list.
  • When comparing hosting plans, the user created resources are now also shown.

Fixes in Hotfix 1.8

  • Fixed a bug where when ODBC driver for mySQL is not present the HC lets create the mySQL DSN (CFMX) resulting in few corrupt entries in registry.

Improvements in Hotfix 1.7

  • Simple DNS Plus module is improved to allow zone creation on the path you set in Simple DNS Plus.

Fixes in Hotfix 1.7

  • Fixed a bug in Serv-U module where when you create Global User it was not created in Serv-U.
  • Fixed a bug in auto signup where FTP address was set incorrect when sub-domain is setup.
  • Fixed a bug in host header module where on deleting host header the zone file also got removed.
  • Fixed corrupt registry entries problem in CF MX. Now CF MX DSN will be created for mysql oly when the ODBC driver for mysql are found on the machine.

Improvements in Hotfix 1.6

  • Disk space calculation for SmarterMail on remote box is now supported.
  • Host Admin is now allowed to completely turn off the ticketing system. To do this, first disable the Reseller->Host ticketing system from My Server > Menu Options and then disable WebAdmin->Reseller ticketing from My Server > Reseller Settings.
  • WebAdmin are now allowed to re-open a closed ticket.
  • The Reseller disk & bandwidth usage reports show total sold quantities. Reseller may now view the actual usage also from Reports section.
  • mySQL version 4.1.8 is now supported.

Fixes in Hotfix 1.6

  • Fixed a bug in MS SQL module which caused failure in database restore and deletion.
  • Fixed a bug in site import where the domain.com_web user was not granted rights on WWW folder.
  • Fixed a bug where account setup email on auto signup was not sent out.
  • Fixed a bug in NAT enabled systems where private IP was being written to DNS when host header was setup.

Improvements in Hotfix 1.5

  • Log rotation is now supported. Log rotation features automatically rotates website (web+ftp) logs. It has three options, Zip Only, Zip & Email, and Delete. Quick help in control panel explains each option. Each reseller may configure his log rotation setting according to his requirement. This option is available under Reseller > My Server > Log Rotation.
  • WebTrends Reporting Suite 6.0 now supported.
  • merchant now can configure the panel to automatically capture payments. This option is configurable from Reseller > My Server > Configure Gateway > Authorize.NET.
  • When ASP.NET is enabled, additional DEBUG verb is added to .aspx mappings.
  • The "Automatically adjust for Daylight Savings" is now ON for all LiveStats sites.
  • Web stats are automatically enabled for all new domains which are setup from panel or using the auto signup.

Fixes in Hotfix 1.5

  • Two directory traversal bugs fixed.
  • Fixed a bug in migration module where all sites and data was successfully migrated but FTP remains pointed at the old location.
  • Fixed a bug where DNS zone transfer couldn't occur on NAT enabled network.
  • Fixed a bug where Custom Error Pages prompt login box on Windows 2003. To fix the problem, Everyone rights have been granted on custom error pages only.
  • Fixed a bug where ASP page timeout occurs when adding FTP user.
  • Fixed a bug for IMail where mailbox password is not set when mailbox name is entered in capital.
  • Fixed a bug where on domain setup blank page appears when ASPFusion is enabled.

Improvements in Hotfix 1.4

  • MailEnable Enterprise Edition is now fully supported.
  • mySQL version 4.x is now fully supported.
  • The ACL manager now allows adding/editing of web anonymous user account.
  • The anonymous user is now automatically given READ/WRITE permission over WWW & DB folder. This ensures proper functioning of database driven websites.
  • On disabling user account its FTP access is now also disabled.
  • Disabling the ticketing system at Host level now keeps the reseller from opening tickets to his host.

Fixes in Hotfix 1.4

  • Fixed a bug where IMail domain was created corrupt if the mail folder path doesn't physically exist.
  • Fixed a bug for Windows 2003 users where folder structure was left undeleted on website deletion.
  • Fix a problem in Serv-U where changing FTP password sometime results in account deletion.
  • Fixed a problem where for BIND DNS users the zone file was misconfigured on editing the host header.
  • Fixed the problem where LiveStats XSP stat site intermittently fails to add.
  • Fixed the bug where disk usage report didn't include the files uploaded in the root folder, e.g. x:\resadmin\webadmin.

Improvements in Hotfix 1.3

  • On website deletion a system cleanup is now performed which removes all the databases, Index Server Catalogs, ODBC DSNs, Web Stats, etc which are associated with the website. This makes sure that no lingering resources are left behind.
  • All the reseller websites can now be disabled with single click. To stop reseller websites, disable user account from User Manager > Edit Account > Disable Account. When Reseller/WebAdmin account is disabled, all websites under his administration are automatically stopped.
  • PHP, Perl, ColdFusion, .NET, Web Stats, etc are now automatically enabled with website creation. Their activation however depends on availability of resource in the purchased plan.
  • Daily Bandwidth and Disk Usage report are now sent out to all the three level of users. This option is configurable from My Server > Disk Usage and My Server > Bandwidth Usage.
  • Option to specify mail server is now available with FrontPage Extensions installation.
  • Resellers may now disable the emails which are sent on site setup. This option is available at Reseller > My Server > IIS Settings.
  • Added new options to IMail settings. Now you many configure List Administration & the forward address for 'root' alias. These may be configured from Host > My Server > Mail Settings.
  • The code for ACL management has been rewritten to provide more efficient back end NTFS management .
  • Provision of CVV2 is now compulsory in auto signup.

Fixes in Hotfix 1.3

  • Fixed a bug where the creation of FTP virtual directory (Domains > List FTP Sites > Virtual Dir.) was not working.
  • Fixed a bug where host admin was unable to install FrontPage extensions for website. Also fixed incorrect FrontPage quota utilization in hosting quota report.
  • MS-SQL database backup operation was writing at least 3 events in the system event log. This has been fixed.
  • The search module in built-in forums has been improved to produce more accurate search results.
  • Fixed a bug in Hosting Controller Disk Quota Service where service crashed on system startup if it succeeds in starting before MS-SQL service could start.

Improvements in Hotfix 1.2

  • The billing system now support VAT/TAX. This popular feature can be configured from Billing System > Configure Billing menu. Once configured, all subsequent invoices & transaction reports include Tax field. Please note that hotfix updates all billing related emails in each reseller's folder.
  • You may now convert an IP based website to shared IP (IP Based to Name Based) and vice versa. This new option is available from Domains > Properties menu. You may also change the IP of website using the same feature.
  • Hosting Controller now supports domain parking through Host Headers option. You may use Host Headers (Domains > Properties) to park domains or point multiple domain names on one.
  • The Disk Quota report now includes the disk usage of mySQL databases (local/remote) as well.
  • Hosting Controller now automatically adds default.aspx to default documents list and also adds NETWORK service rights on WWW folder when .NET is enabled on website.
  • Menu restriction interface (My Server > Menu Access) has been improved. It now allows multiple user selection for menu restriction.
  • Hosting Controller now forcibly converts all domain names to lower case. This helps avoid screwy behavior of SmarterMail and few stats servers.

Fixes in Hotfix 1.2

  • Fixed a bug in SmarterMail module where on mail domain deletion it was removing all folders on the path where mail s were created.
  • Fixed few problem in the ColdFusion MX DSN module which was provided with hotfix 1.1.
  • Fixed a bug where auto login was unsuccessful when MS-SQL database is used for HC.
  • Fixed a bug on non-English operating systems where gateways couldn't be configured.
  • Fixed a bug where when NAT was enabled the internal IP was sent in welcome email.
  • Fixed a bug in disk usage report where add-on disk space was not counted toward total purchased space.
  • Fixed a small problem with SmarterStats where export path was set incorrect.
  • Fixed blank screen problem in Import IIS Sites module.

Improvements in Hotfix 1.1

  • Hosting Controller now support IISPassword, a 3rd party IIS add-on that allows you to password protect web folders. The hotfix installer prompts you for the installation of IISPassword. Once installed, you can create, edit, or delete password protected private folders from Domains > Properties > Private Folders option.
  • ColdFusion MX DSN is now supported. You may now add ColdFusion MX DSN from Tools > ODBC DSN option.
  • Add-on billing is improved. You may now set your add-ons to bill with the plan or on monthly bases. When bill with plan is selected the add-on bill interval will be same as the plan. When monthly billing is selected the add-on will be billed each month. In both cases the bill will be sent with the plan invoice.
  • Resellers are now allowed to customize various HTML templates including account setup email, parking page, invoice e-mails, reminder e-mails, usage alert e-mails, etc. You may customize the templates from My Server > Customize Templates option.
  • Custom Error Pages are now supported on Windows 2003 also.
  • Index Server is now supported on Windows 2003 also.
  • IMail Web Calendaring is now supported. It is enabled automatically with each new domain setup.
  • You have now the ability to set discount for new customer at the time of domain setup.
  • Hosting Controller now enables web administration for MailEnable on remote server as well.
  • WebAdmin users are now allowed to edit the DNS record for their website. This option is available to them from Domains > Properties and from Tools.
  • Saving of CVV2 code in Hosting Controller database was not in accordance to Visa/MC regulations and is therefore removed from Credit Card screen. As the result this code will not be sent to gateway with the automatic recurring transactions. However this code will be allowed to enter at the time of making manual payment.
  • The trouble ticket response email now doesn't contain the response. It only tells the customer that a response was posted and prompts him to login to his control panel to see the response. This makes sure that communication chain is not broken at anytime.
  • There is one major interface modification to webadmin control panel. In case of having more than one plans, the webadmin is shown those options (frontpage sites, databases, odbc dsn, etc) which are created under the selected plan. The plan selection box is as usual on top left corner.

Fixes in Hotfix 1.1

  • Fixed a bug where false POP boxes quota error was thrown on plan selling.
  • Fix a bug in disk usage calculation where when SQL database was on remote it was counted multiple times for each of the sold plan.
  • Fix a bug on Chinese operating system where ACL permissions were not properly setup on folders resulting in FTP failure.
  • Fixed a security issue in FrontPage Extensions installation where with the change of URL parameters one could install/uninstall extensions on others websites.
  • Fixed a bug where mail domain quota was not checked in the webadmin control panel.
  • Fixed a bug in ticketing system where each response time was stamped with ticket submission time.
  • Fixed a bug where IPs of 1st NIC card were displayed only. Now Hosting Controller displays the IPs of all NIC cards installed on your system.
  • Fixed a bug where default document list (IIS) was not maintained for the websites created with auto signup.

Fixes in Hotfix 1.0

  • Fixed a bug in MS SQL database module where if SQL Data folder is specified on different location during installation then the backup and restore fails.
  • Fixed a bug in MS SQL module when database was restored the database user was not given permissions over the database resulting in failure when the database is accessed through scripting.
  • Fixed a bug in Serv-U module where sometime FTP user was not created in Serv-U and sometimes user was created in Serv-U but its entry was not made in Hosting Controller database.
  • The allowed length for database user in mySQL is 16 characters and username exceeding this limit is not created in mySQL. A JS check is now implemented to restrict entering username greater than 16 digits.
  • Fixed a bug in billing system where resellers get notices even when billing system is set OFF by the Host.
  • Virtual Directory manager was accidentally removed in v.6.1. It is now provided again.
  • Fixed a bug on Windows 2003 where setting default document list resulted in removal of Read permissions on website.
  • Fixed a bug on Windows 2003 where Hosting Controller was unable to retrieve IP addresses from network card.
  • Fixed a bug in ticketing system where each ticket response was stamped with current date.
  • Fixed a bug in Disk Quota service which was causing "Unspecified Error" (OLE DB) in control panel.


Release Notes for the Hotfix 3.2 of Hosting Controller v.6.1


Founded in 1999, Hosting Controller is a complete hosting automation solution for web hosts and cloud based service providers. It allows them to manage both Windows & Linux servers simultaneously as part of a single cluster. In addition to shared hosts, HC offers a full solution suite for hosted Enterprise Applications creating a shared multi-tenant environment for automatic provisioning of Exchange 2007/2010, BlackBerry, SharePoint, OCS and Dynamics CRM. It also offers a full automation solution for Infrastructure and Virtualization providers offering virtualized partitions on both Windows and Linux based servers through Hyper-V technology for Windows & Xen Hypervisor technology for Linux! Hosting Controller Inc. is based in Richmond, BC, Canada and has customers in 125 countries worldwide.